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I read about FaceGym’s FaceCamp at the end of last year, and I thought it was such a fab idea; a series of seven day skincare boot camps that allow you to “undo” some of the damage from the festive period.  There are five face treatment programs in total, with each program featuring a collection of problem-specific solutions that are tailor-made to help correct whatever issues your skin has developed.  An example of this is Sugar Face, where your program includes a Clear Lift Laser teatment, a Hollywood Lift Laser treatment, 2 Signature treatments with the Face Ball and the Under Eye Treatment, plus juice recipes and supplements from Well Co and the Juicery.

The other “face themes” are Phone Face, Winter Face, Fat Face and FROW Face, all of which have treatment plans that work to eradicate issues associated with the titular theme.  The idea is that you have all the treatments within a seven day time frame, which results in a serious skin overhaul.  Prices vary depending on the treatments involved, for example, FROW Face has fewer treatments so it’s £250, whereas  Fat Face involves using more of the jammy lasers, so it’s more expensive at £525.  It’s a truly great idea that I’m planning to try out soon, so I’ll report back with my experience.  In the meantime, you can find out more info about the FaceGym FaceCamp here – link.


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