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Winter is definitely my favourite season.  I love being actively encouraged to stay-in, wear cosy clothing and eat warming food (chocolate is warming, right?) whilst the temperature drops outside.  I also love doing anything to make the experience even more cosy, which is where candles come in;  there’s just something about a beautifully fragranced candle glowing away in the corner that completes the experience for me.  So with that in mind, I thought I’d put together a feature on some great Winter candles that’ll turn your living space into a cosy haven.

Winter Candles Avon and Arron AromaticsPIN IT

An extremely decent and budget-friendly 3-wicker comes in the form of the Avon Winter Nights Multiwick Candle, which is a gently scented and very pretty seasonal release from the brand.  The main notes are Tonka Bean and Chai Spices, which give a slightly fruity and very Wintery scent that’s ideal for sleepy Sundays.  It’s £14, although I can’t find a link for it online, so you might need to get in touch with an Avon rep to track one down.  If you’re after something a little more fresh and citric, the Arran Aromatics scented candle in Mandarin and Petitgrain is a great choice.  It’s bright, fruity and refreshing, whilst still holding on to that warmth you need for the colder months.  It was originally £25 but it’s down to £7 here – link – which is a fantastic bargain!

Winter Candles Air WickPIN IT

I’ve fully reviewed the seasonal release from Air Wick, the Mulled Wine by the Fire fragrance, but I had to include it here as it’s the most ideal scent for winter nights.  The clue is in the name, but it’s a mix of firewood, fruit and mulled wine, that really is lovely – find it here – link – for £7.  I also have to give a special mention to the Yankee Candle seasonal releases, since there are so many of them that you’re bound to find one to suit your mood.  The three in the top image are Winter Glow, Bundle Up and Berry Trifle, all of which can be found here – link.

Winter Candles True Grace and La MontanaPIN IT

Finally on to my absolutely favourites of the bunch, starting with the True Grace Manor Classic Candle in Portobello Oud.  I’m really excited by the True Grace candles as they seem to offer something a bit different and a little more complex than more traditional candles.  The Portobello Oud fragrance is woody, musky, leathery and heady, making it ideal if you’re someone who wants to set a wintery ambience, but doesn’t love the idea of fruity fragrances.  It’s £28 here – link.  Finally, my favourite candle of all-time, Alfredo’s Cafe from La Montana.  This stunning candle leads with tobacco, coffee, brandy and leather, making it the most wonderfully warming and comforting fragrance that I just cannot get enough of; it’s one of the few candles I’ve used up! Find it here – link – for £35.

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