Bodhi and Birch Bath and Shower Therapies

Bodhi and Birch Bath and Shower TherapiesPIN IT

It has been a real pleasure trying out the Bodhi and Birch Bath and Shower Therapies and it really has added a lot to my shower time, with one in particular being an absolute star in turning my showers into a chill-out zone.  I am a bath lover, I absolutely love baths as the ultimate pre-bed relaxation, but where I live – and where I have lived for over 10 years – only has a shower, and I always associate showering with an experience that wakes you up, but thankfully I now have a couple of things I do that makes the experience a little more chilled out when I have an evening shower, and one of them involves using my favourite Bodhi and Birch Bath and Shower Therapy.

Bodhi and Birch Bath and Shower Therapies ReviewPIN IT

I was sent four to try out and I’ve now tried them all.  I was expecting to favour the Jasmine Falls fragrance, which is a lovely, true jasmine scent that’s light, fragrant and relaxing, however, it’s been totally overshadowed by the Chamomile Sky variant which is the perfect, pre-bed shower companion.  I wouldn’t say I especially love the fragrance itself, it’s nice enough but not something I want to particularly smell like, but it has a wonderfully soothing and calming effect that’s just right – it makes you feel calm and ready for bed without feeling dopey or incapable of doing anything.  It’s a firm favourite that’s made showering before bed feel like a real treat.  The Ylang-Ylang Incensa is a lovely, light take on Ylang-Ylang that’s probably my least favourite of the four, purely because I really like the other three and not because I particularly dislike Ylang-Ylang Incensa.  The final of the four is Rosemary Chi, which is another one that I don’t especially want to smell like, but I find it really effective at boosting my energy and an ideal one to start off the day with.  It’s also the one I’d say that both boys and girls will enjoy using as it’s quite a strong, slightly masculine fragrance, although it doesn’t linger so it won’t interfere with any perfume or body products you use afterwards.  If you try just one one, make it Chamomile Sky, as it’s a beautiful, soothing product that’ll help you prepare for a good night’s sleep, regardless of whether you’re bathing or showering.  All Bodhi and Birch Bath and Shower Therapies are available here – link – with Chamomile Sky and Rosemary Chi costing £18, whilst Jasmine Falls and Ylang-Ylang Incensa costing £20.


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