Homedics True HEPA Tower Air Purifier

Homedics True HEPA Tower Air PurifierPIN IT

Air Purifiers always make me think of Ross from friends, and I’ll happily admit that I would never have given them the time of day had I not had a chance to try one for review, but I am now a total convert and looking into buying another one to go in my living room, since the current one is in the bedroom – I figured this was the best place since it’s where Teddy spends a lot of his time and I also like the idea of keeping the air in the bedroom as pure as possible.

Homedics True HEPA Tower Air Purifier FilterPIN IT

On a very basic level, an air purifier works by sucking air into the unit, processing it and sending it out again in a much cleaner and clearer form.  Consequently, it’s kind of like having a fan on, although the air doesn’t come out overly cool, and I liken it to opening the window on a breezy day.  This means you get that lovely, “fresh air” feel to the room as the air really does feel fresh and clean, which makes this especially ideal for those who live on main roads and don’t want to open their windows.  It’s also great for Winter time when it’s too cold to open windows for any decent length of time.

Homedics True HEPA Tower Air Purifier ReviewPIN IT

The Homedics True HEPA Tower Air Purifier removes 99.97% of allergens, airborne particles, viruses, dust mites and pollens which is an impressive figure.  It has a UV-C light that removes all the nasties from the air, including fungus, mould and the aforementioned bacteria and viruses. It’s also really well designed with three speed settings, a timer and the tower itself oscillates, all of which can be controlled with the included remote.  It’s all very well spouting all these great elements, but does it actually work? I can’t say for absolute certain since I have no way of measuring the airborne particles and allergens, but I can say for sure that my allergies have improved massively since I started using this, to the point where I can have a really bad bout of allergies (usually when the grass is cut outside my home, or if I’m run down I develop temporary allergies to my cats) that I can treat within 20 minutes of being in the room of the air purifier.  As someone who used to suffer literally for days with these problems, this is a massive improvement for me.  The second major selling point for this is that Teddy’s colds don’t hang around for nearly as long as they used to – some have even disappeared overnight, whereas he used to hold on to them for days or even weeks.  Both these things alone make this an extremely useful device – if I broke it I would replace it ASAP – however, as a general product it’s brilliant for making my bedroom feel much healthier, cleaner and the air crisper, all of which are very noticeable.  I don’t actually know how long you’re supposed to run it for, but I tend to put it on every night for around an hour just before bed.  The Homedics True HEPA Tower Air Purifier comes with a cleanable filter, which I presume means you don’t need to replace it (I need to double check that) and a 3 year guarantee.  It’s £199 here – link.

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