Palette Love: Color Studio Professional Pro Blush Palette Volume 1

Color Studio Professional Pro Blush Palette Volume 1 ReviewPIN IT

If you’re a blush fan like me – it’s the key to bringing any make-up look to life, in my opinion – and you’ve been looking to invest in a really good blusher palette, I have one for you to check out; the Color Studio Professional Pro Blush Palette Volume 1 is a flip-top cardboard and plastic palette that feels and looks professional, containing eight extremely wearable and complimentary shades that really do allow you to create a variety of blush looks.

Color Studio Professional Pro Blush Palette Volume 1 ReviewsPIN IT

All eight shades are pink-leaning, so if you’re not a huge fan of pink blushers then this isn’t the palette for you.  If you are a fan (and we all know how I feel about pink!) then this palette is a dream come true, as all shades are wonderfully easy to play with and create natural finishes by, for example, using a lighter shade from the apple outwards, then going in again with a slightly darker or brighter shade in the apple.  If you think about it, we don’t blush one colour all over, so putting in a little more effort with two or three additional shades can give a fantastically natural and/or lightly sculpted finish.

Color Studio Professional Pro Blush Palette Volume 1 Swatches Top RowPIN IT

The top row is a little more nude-leaning, whilst still keeping a pink undertone.  The first shade – Creme Brulee – is a lightly sheeny deep rose shade (is it just me or does Creme Brulee seem like a strange name for this shade?); the second shade is Ginger – a more shimmery nude that’s kind of like a shimmery take on Mac’s Mocha, but with a little less pink; then we have Macroon – one of my favourites from the bunch, which is a mid-toned, matte pink and finally on row one, there’s Misty Rose – a fractionally lighter take on Creme Brulee with much more shimmer.

Color Studio Professional Pro Blush Palette Volume 1 Swatches Bottom RowPIN IT

The bottom row starts with another favourite of mine, Peach Melba – a mid-toned, shimmering peach; then there’s Pearl Pop – a shimmering, blue-toned pink; Sugar Plum – a matte berry shade and finally Wonderland, another favourite of mine which is a slighter lighter and marginally more nude take on Sugar Plum.  The finishes of both the matte and shimmer shades are brilliant – buttery soft in texture, they blend into the skin really well and the shimmer finishes are especially flattering, leaving a glow rather than a sparkle.  This is an investment palette at £35 (so around £4.40 per shade) but it’s a great collection to have, especially if you’re pale like me, as you’ll find yourself reaching for this on a regular basis.  It’s here – link.

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