The Psychology of Scent with Dove Soft Feel Deodorant

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For World Fragrance Day 2016, Dove joined forces with fragrance creators Givaudan to bring us the pretty and comforting (the latter of which is scientifically proven!) scent of the Dove Soft Feel deodorant.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Dove, I love their simplistic and gentle approach to beauty which spans across their many products, so I was particularly interested in finding out more about the making of the fragrance of their newest launch.

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For the development of the Soft Feel deodorant, Dove explored how we attach scent to memories and how smelling something familiar can have an immediately uplifting effect.  For example, the smell of freshly cut grass makes me immediately think of warmer weather – since it’s usually cut when the weather starts improving – and the smell of the original Dove soap makes me think of long, luxurious bathes when I lived somewhere with a bath and not a shower – oh how I miss that time! For me, smell is the most evocative sense of them all, as I have both positive and negative connotations with certain scents, and I can be transported straight back to a completely different time in my life by a quick whiff of something familiar.  With the knowledge that smell can be so impactful, Dove wanted to create a deodorant scent that would evoke a sense of comfort, cleanliness and luxury.  To help me understand the fragrance, I was sent four little vials of the fragrance notes in the Soft Feel scent, and challenged to work out what each one was.

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Armed with a blindfold, I gave each one a sniff and managed to get Sandalwood, Vanilla and Ylang, but the final note was an interesting one as it was a generally familiar scent that reminded me of baby powder, cotton towels and fresh linen, a bit like that smell when you change out of your clothes and into the freshly pressed robes at a posh spa – it turned out to be the Soft Feel powder fragrance created by Givaudan, and it’s an extremely effective collection of notes that perfectly evoke the sense of comfort and cleanliness, all of which are now found in the fabulous new Soft Feel deodorant, which contains 1/4 moisturising cream to keep underarms as soft as powder, smooth and moisturised, resulting in the superior care that your underarms deserve.  I personally really love Dove deodorants because they genuinely do leave skin feeling softer (whereas I find other deodorants can dry skin out, making it itchy and uncomfortable) and are available in a variety of fragrances, with the new Soft Feel being one I particularly enjoy using.  Dove Soft Feel starts at £2.79 for 75ml and £3.79 for 125ml and you can find out more about it here – link.

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