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Nails Inc Powered by Collagen QVC TSVPIN IT

I have a fabulous Nails Inc QVC TSV to show you today, which is a great pick-me-up to help lift your spirits after the long weekend.  Nails Inc have just launched a range of products that are powered by collagen, therefore becoming skincare for your nails.  Nails Inc have put a lot into their formulas recently, revealing several new launches containing ingredients that are of benefit to your nails (such as Matcha, green tea and sweet almonds powered by Matcha) but I think the latest Powered by Collagen products are going to be the ones that get people most interested, since we all know of the importance of collagen in our skincare, therefore it makes sense to include it in our nail care too.  To mark the arrival of Nails Inc Powered by Collagen, there is an amazing QVC TSV launching tonight.

Nails Inc Powered by Collagen QVC TSV TreatmentsPIN IT

There are six products in each set – four treatment products and two colour products, the latter of which is available in either Nudes (pictured) or Brights.  Every product included is Powered by Collagen and the treatment products are Collagen Ridge Filler Base, Overnight Detox Masks with Collagen, Conceal and Reveal with Collagen and 45 Second Top Coat with Collagen.  The Conceal and Reveal with Collagen product is an interesting product that’s very much like a BB Cream for nails, since it provides a wealth of benefits; it lightly colours the nails (or actually, two coats give you a surprisingly decent payoff), reflects light to deflect from any imperfections, and of course the collagen provides skincare benefits too.

Nails Inc Powered by Collagen QVC TSV ColoursPIN IT

The Colour with Collagen products contain volcanic glass to provide natural cushioning and Shellac to promote long wear and keep the nail protected.  There’s also Polyester resin to allow for flexibility and durability, so this should result in a nice, long wear.  I was sent the Nudes set, so the shades I received were Montpelier Walk with Collagen – a typical, mid-toned nude, and the beautiful Uptown with Collagen, which is a lovely mid-toned pink that I really love for everyday wear.

Nails Inc Powered by Collagen QVC TSV Colour SwatchesPIN IT

The swatches above are just one quick coat each with no base or top coat, so as you can see, it’s a lovely, rich, pigmented and glossy formula.  All products are full-sized which makes the price point of just under £26 pretty amazing.  Considering Nails Inc polishes are around the £14-£15 mark, you’d struggle to buy two for the price of this set, so it’s definitely a mega bargain.  The Nails Inc Powered by Collagen Set launches at midnight tonight (30th March 2016), although TSVs often arrive on site a little earlier – annoyingly it actually showed up online briefly when I started writing this, but it’s gone now – so if you have your heart set on this collection, I would act pretty quickly.

*The set is live here now*

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