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Air Wick are the perfect example of how to do a budget home fragrance range; their products are innovative, affordable and attractive and there’s very little to complain about with some products capable of rivalling those of ranges that cost three or four times as much.  They also constantly keep consumers interested with new releases and ideas.  The new Air Wick Home Signature range is a great example of this, since it contains an impressive collection of three types of home fragrance; candles, reed diffusers, and the rather exciting flower diffusers.

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Reed diffusers make me nervous and I tend to stay away from them as Teddy knocked one over last year and it really freaked me out – the fragrance oil contained within reed diffusers can be pretty unpleasant if in contact with skin, and as a mother to a toddler, anything even remotely risky makes me far too nervous to make it worth while! Consequently, I don’t really use them (although I made an exception for the flower one – which is currently on a very, VERY high shelf) so I can’t share my full thoughts on the reed diffuser I have from the Home Signature range, other than to say that there are some truly lovely sounding fragrances available (the one above is Water Iris and Night Orchid and there are three other varieties) and, as you can see, the packaging is wonderfully understated and attractive.  The pretty little Air Wick Home Signature Reed Diffuser is £9.

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The Air Wick Home Fragrance Candles are available in four fragrances – such as the glorious sounding Vanilla Bean and Coconut Milk – and the one above is the fruity and slightly floral Water Iris and Purple Berries.  As with my previous experiences of Air Wick candles, these are strong, prominent, punchy and they look good, plus these ones come with lids too, which gives them an additional air of luxury.  The Air Wick Home Fragrance Candles are just £6 each which is incredible value for what you get – you could buy all four and still have quite a bit of change from the price of one of the more luxury brands, so these are a total bargain.

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Finally, the star of the show is the Air Wick Home Signature Flower Diffuser, which is a fantastically simple yet effective idea; it’s a standard reed diffuser container, but in the place of reeds you have a paper flower with a rope that sits in the oil, so the fragrance is diffused via the flower.  This works brilliantly and the best part is, after the flower has been in the oil for a while, it changes colour to match the colour of the oil, which is both fun and visually appealing.

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The fragrance I have is the Water Iris and Night Orchid, which is another punchy scent that fills the room with a slightly sharp floral fragrance.  I personally really like it and when I arrive in my living room, it’s a great scent to be greeted with as it’s clean and appealing, but as with all fragrance, it’s a personal choice, so give it a sniff before you commit.  It’s very strong, too, so that’s worth keeping in mind – it isn’t something I’d diffuse right next to your bed, and as I said earlier, it’s on a very high shelf in my home and it’s still very strong.  The other three fragrance options sound lovely and I might have to pick up another to see the flower change colour again – it’s such a novelty! These are designed to last for 45 days which I can definitely see happening, making them a steal at £9 – you can find the Air Wick Home Signature Flower Diffusers here.

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