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Kiko The Artist CollectionPIN IT

Keeping with tradition, I’m posting about the most recent Kiko collection just as the newest one is about to arrive – it’s called Wanderlust and appears to be full of creamy nudes and pretty pinks, so I be swooning – so with that in mind, let me introduce  you to The Artist, a stunning, bright and vast collection of products inspired by the concept that we are our own art with our face as the canvas.

Kiko The Artist Collection PackagingPIN IT

Again, Kiko have nailed it with their packaging, which is very arty and looks like a blank canvas with a streak or smudge of paint running down it.  It’s really lovely to look at and is almost as striking as the products themselves.  When I say vast, I really do mean mega as this collection is a biggy; I was sent a selection of what’s included but there’s a helluva lot more that covers everything from base products, to brushes, to lipsticks and everything eyes too.  However, so this post doesn’t become too hard-going to read, I’m just going to mostly focus on the bits I have.

Kiko The Artist Collection base products PIN IT

Starting off with the base products, where there’s a very good mix and one absolute star of a product that everyone needs to go and pick up right now.  The Glacial Light Soft Sifter Foundation is a really interesting, gel-based liquid foundation that sits within a compact that you’d more commonly associate with powder products.  To dispense, you push your applicator into the mesh net and retrieve a brush or sponge that’s perfectly covered in product.  This is a great way to do liquid foundations – like cushion foundations have had an upgrade – so I hope this catches on.  The Blooming Glow serum is a hydrating base that helps you create the perfect canvas for make-up.  It’s pretty fancy looking and contains spheres of vitamins that help nourish and hydrate skin whilst preparing for make-up application.  The Blending Wave Multicolour Blushers are absolutely gorgeous, both to look at and to use; they have a kind of marbled effect that’s just so pretty – you really can’t beat a Kiko powder, can you? They’re available in four shades and I personally rate Artistic Pink.

Kiko The Artist Collection base products including the blushers and brushesPIN IT

The “wow” product from the base edit is the amazing Glowing Pearl Cushion Highlighter, as this is a liquid highlighter that’s applied through a cushion applicator, which means it buffs and blends like nothing you have ever seen before – it’s very impressive and a definite keeper for me.  There are three brushes in The Artist, one double-ended for eye make-up, and the two I have.  The Artist Powder Face Brush is thick, dense and luxurious, making it perfect for setting make-up or for applying colour products to the body, but I’d tread quite carefully with colour products on the face as this picks up a lot of colour.  The Artist Foundation Face Brush is another dense, soft number with a dome shape that allows for getting into all the nooks and crannies.

Eye products from the Kiko The Artist CollectionPIN IT

The eye products were probably the least exciting for me, for no other reason than I just found the base products really enticing and I loved the lip products too, so something had to come in last! The Artist Stroke Mineral Loose Eyeshadow comes in six different shades – three neutral, three colours – and the packaging is the similar mesh style opening as the foundation from the same range.  There are also Fine Art Eye Pencils available in six shades that almost correspond to the eyeshadows, and finally a flat-nibbed Signature Eyemarker which comes in black.

Lip products from the Kiko The Artist CollectionPIN IT

The lip products are really classic and timeless, with each of the shades of Colour Click Lipsticks coming with a corresponding shade of Fine Art Lip Pencils and the packaging for the lipsticks is just lovely; it clicks open so you end up sliding the inside tube out of the outer one, which is very similar to the Chanel lipsticks in the same style.  There are six shades of each, most of which are traditional-leaning shades of pink, coral and red.  The full The Artist collection is out now and the prices are mid range; for example, the blushers are £10.90, the eyeshadows are £6.90 and the wonderful Cushion Highlighter is £8.90.  Check out the full Kiko The Artist collection here.

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