Mask Monday: Bakel Pure Peel Mask

Bakel Pure Peel ReviewPIN IT

I’m really enjoy getting to know slightly more niche skincare brands lately and I’m also completely obsessed with acids, so the arrival of the Bakel Pure Peel couldn’t have been more timely, since it fits both the above criteria with bells on.  A while ago I tried the Bakel Hydramist and was impressed by the brand approach alongside the product itself, so I was eager to get my hands on more from the collection, with the Pure Peel being a great place to start.

Bakel Pure Peel ReviewsPIN IT

The Bakel Pure Peel is, as the name suggests, an exfoliating treatment mask that is packed full of an impressive array of acids.  As with all Bakel products, the ingredient list is not only easy to read and understand, it’s also carefully explained, so each ingredient is justified which I really, really like.  The acids in the Pure Peel include some of my favourites such as Salicylic, Mandelic and Citric, alongside Phytic Acid, as well as ingredients included to balance and hydrate, plus an antioxidant, making this a lovely formulation that packs a seriously acidic punch; I always recommend patch-testing anything if you’re unsure, but even if you’re a regular acid user, I’d still recommend easing yourself in gently with this one as it definitely smarts a bit! I was expecting a neon red face after using this, but instead skin looked really smooth, soothed, clearer and generally glowy, so I happily used it again a couple of nights later and I wouldn’t say it had any drying effect or made my skin sensitive.  In conclusion, it’s definitely one of the better exfoliating treatment masks available and I also have to mention the pump-action lid which is a great and hygienic feature.  It’s £58 which is a quite a hefty price tag, especially as it isn’t a huge tub – you might get around 1o-15 treatments – but it’s a great example of how you get what you pay for since the formulation is spot-on, with a collection of hard-working acids alongside balancing emollients, which together make this a brilliantly effective treatment. Pick up the Bakel Pure Peel here.

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  • Elizabeth Red (@RedsBeautyBlog)
    April 11, 2016

    it sounds lovely, but a bit of a price tag on it, I couldnt justify it though Id love to try it

    • Sascha
      Elizabeth Red (@RedsBeautyBlog)
      April 19, 2016

      That’s very true, it definitely isn’t cheap. It is very good though!

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