Nail Tints from Nails Inc, Ciate, Orly and Barry M

Nail Tints from Orly, Nails Inc, Barry M and CiatePIN IT

I love a strong nail – bright, bold or deep colours really do it for me and I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of different colours, shades and textures.  I’m fortunate in that I can wear whatever colours I like as I don’t need to adhere to any dress codes in my daily life, but if you do, or you prefer a more subtle finish on your nails, have you heard about nail tints?

Nail Tints from Orly, Nails Inc, Barry M and Ciate SwatchesPIN IT

These are pretty much as they sound; hints of neutral colour that give your nails a bit of a lift without looking too OTT, colourful or obvious.  I’ve pulled together a selection that I think cover a decent spectrum, from the most subtle hint of care, to a slightly stronger blush effect – I have your nail tint needs sorted!

Ciate Bloom Boost SwatchedPIN IT

I’ll start with the Ciaté Bloom Boost, which doesn’t show up too well on the swatch, but it does give nails the most gentle hint of colour alongside a really healthy shine that leaves nails looking like they’ve had a really good buff and are healthy and clean without any real colour.  Bloom Boost is an ideal choice for anyone who needs to follow strict rules regarding nail colour (if you’re at school, for example) as this is by far the most subtle out of the nail tints I’ve tried.  You can buy Ciaté Bloom Boost here for £12.

Nails Inc NailBright NailKale SwatchesPIN IT

If you’d like a little more colour whilst still maintaining a natural effect, then the Nails Inc NailBright NailKale might be the one for you.  Available in two shades – Knightsbridge Mews; nude on the left, or Chelsea Embankment Mews, pink on the right – these gentle tints give a subtle wash of colour alongside a gentle, pearly glow that leaves nails looking really pretty.  Two coats ensure nails have just enough coverage to hide any marks or stains from previous polish, whilst still maintaining a natural gleam.  Both are available from the online Nails Inc shop here for £14 each.

Orly BB Creme SwatchPIN IT

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the Orly BB Crème was the first nail-tint-style product that launched commercially, and I remember how well received it was when it arrived.  Calling these types of products as “BB Crèmes” is a great way of describing what they do, as they add a hint of colour alongside a little coverage to naturally improve nails without looking too ‘done’.  The Orly BB Crème does that really well and it comes in a flesh-toned nude for £9.

Barry M Mani MasksPIN IT

The Barry M Mani Masks are really pretty and probably my favourite of the bunch.  Out of all four mentioned, these give the highest coverage at two coats, but the finish is just brilliant – it really does cover a multitude of sins and the finish is semi-matte which is very flattering yet surprisingly natural.  You won’t look like you’re wearing nothing with these, but the effect is still subtle enough to be considered “daytime friendly”, and I personally absolutely love the pink shade.  Of course these are also ridiculously well-priced at just £3.99, and you can find both shades of the Barry M Mani Masks here.

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  • serenityyou
    April 7, 2016

    I really like the Barry M ones, and really great price! will have to get myself a few

    • Sascha
      April 19, 2016

      The Barry M ones are fab – such good value!

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