A Few New Skincare Launches from Three Great Brands

New Skincare from Murad, Oskia and ZelensPIN IT

The year of new beauty continues with a huge onslaught of skincare launches, most of which I can’t really go anywhere near at the moment as I’m currently treating anaemia, so I think until that’s sorted and under control, I can’t accurately establish what’s causing breakouts and what’s doing good from products that I haven’t tried previously.  With that in mind, I thought I’d write a post focusing on a few new skincare launches that have landed on my doorstep over the past month or two, so you can see what’s new from three brilliant brands.

Oskia Renaissance Brightlight and 360PIN IT

The newest launches from Oskia are a perfect example of the sort of products I’ll be all over as soon as my health is sorted.  The Renaissance Brightlight is a serum designed to treat pigmentation and sun-damage, whilst brightening, illuminating and evening skin tone.  It contains some amazing ingredients such as AHAs from grape and passionfruit, enzymes from pumpkin and papaya, as well as some skin-loving favourites of mine, such as Niacinamide and Vitamin C.  You can buy Oskia Renaissance Brightlight here for £85 – worth pointing out that my bottle is a press sample that I got before the final packaging details were in place. The next Oskia launch is the Renaissance 360, which is a day cream that kind of works alongside the Brightlight serum, but you can definitely use one or the other if only one takes your fancy.  One of the great things about Oskia is that they really pack their products full of goodies – they do seem to try and squeeze as much skincare joy as possible – and this is very much more than just your average day cream; it’s a pigmentation-fighting, hydration-boosting, brightening, illuminating, skin-health-improving wonder cream! There’s a natural SPF of 8 in there which is kept deliberately low so it doesn’t interfere with the actives, which makes sense to me.  The Oskia Renaissance 360 is here for £65.

Murad Hydro-Quench Essence and CreamPIN IT

I’m actually relying on Murad for their Blemish Clearing Solution currently as it really is one of the very best spot-fighters, but it isn’t new, unlike the Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence, which is a very exciting product that slots into the routine around the same point as a toner, although this, to me, is more like a serum in it’s consistency.  It’s all about hydration paired with a light exfoliation, and promises smoother, silkier, plumper skin.  The Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence is £59.50. The Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture is a re-promote (I think!) with a slightly updated formulation.  I have used this previously and it is brilliant; nourishing, hydrating, yet it didn’t cause me breakouts.  Presumably it’s being relaunched as it’s the sort of product that goes brilliantly with the essence. The Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture is here for £55.

Zelens Detoz Cleanser and Treatment DropsPIN IT

Finally on to Zelens, a brand who are pretty amazing at creating products that you find yourself lust after; I want pretty much everything on the site, regardless of whether I can actually find a use for it or not. Really appealing skincare is perfectly demonstrated in the new Treatment Drops, which I posted an intro to here so I won’t go into too much detail other than to say that these are power-packed vitamins suspended in a treatment oil, so basically everything you’d ever want from a single item of skincare, and cost between £110 and £125 depending on whether you go for Vitamin A, C or D – the Treatment Drops are here. The Z Detox Clarifying Foaming Cleanser is actually the one product I can try at the moment so I’m not sure why I haven’t yet – I will be rectifying that this evening! It’s a clarifying cleanser, so it’s clearly aimed at tricky skin types like mine, and alongside removing impurities, it also gently exfoliates thanks to AHAs and fruit enzymes. The Zelens Z Detox Clarifying Foaming Cleanser is here for £48.

*PR Samples


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