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I was going to hang tight and wait until I’d placed an order to let you know the very exciting news that Tarte now ships worldwide, which thankfully includes us Brits, but they’ve just launched a Friends and Family discount code so I thought I’d let you know now, since the code gives you 30% off which is quite a saving! Inevitably the postage and customs will add quite a bit to the price, but the main plus to ordering from the American site is that we get to pick anything they’ve launched rather than the edit we get over here, so all the lovely Tarte joy you see on Instagram and the big American blogs is now ours for the taking too.

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on their limited edition Wipeout Colour Correcting Palette as well as some of their concealers and base products – they really do some of the very best base products I’ve ever tried, so if you haven’t dipped your toe into the world of Tarte bases, now is mos-def the time – as well as some of their newest lip launches, specifically the new Tartiest Lip Paints and possibly the Drench Lip Splash Lipstick, which is part of their new Rainforest of the Sea collection.  If you’re looking for inspiration, I have both the foundation and concealer from the Rainforest of the Sea collection and they are both fantastic; the concealer especially is quite unlike anything I’ve ever tried – thin and watery yet high coverage = amazing! Speaking of amazing, another thing Tarte do extremely well are brushes; specifically, base brushes which help you achieve serious coverage if you struggle with rubbish skin like me.

I’m absolutely thrilled that Tarte are delivering to the UK direct now, as they really are one of my favourite make-up brands and I’m so pleased they’re becoming more accessible to the UK market.  The Friends and Family discount is available until 15th April 2016 so that gives us a couple of days of play time, but keep in mind that stuff will sell out since this is an international code.  The code is FFTARTE and I don’t know what UK time it’ll finish on Friday, so best to get in your orders early to err on the side of caution.  Here’s Tarte.


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