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Daniel Galvin Kensington Salon ReviewsPIN IT

A few weeks ago I made what was to be my third ever visit to a Daniel Galvin salon, although my first two visits were to the George Street venue, and this time I went to the Kensington salon instead.  The two salons couldn’t be more different, with the George Street salon being a busy, bright and bustling space with that typical Central London vibe, whereas the Kensington salon is a much more peaceful, tranquil affair; both venues are lovely, so I suppose it depends on what you like from a visit to your hairdresser – I was more than happy at both!

Daniel Galvin Kensington Salon ReviewPIN IT

The Kensington branch of Daniel Galvin is small and cosy with just a few stations available for styling; the colour takes place downstairs, whilst everything else happens upstairs.  I was booked in with Casey for a colour and Cheryl for my cut and I had initially planned to just get the length taken up a bit, but I ended up changing my mind whilst there – a sort of approach I wouldn’t normally recommend as it’s a bit of a gamble – but it definitely paid off!

Daniel Galvin Cheryl Hair Cut ReviewPIN IT

My haircut is quite different to how it was before, so consequently it usurped the colour which is a bit of a shame as Casey did a fantastic job at brightening my colour to a blonde that’s perfect for the warmer months – as a general rule, I like to go a little lighter in the Summer and a little deeper when the colder months arrive.  As you can hopefully see from the pictures, there was soft blonde in a couple of cooler shades which are flattering and perfectly chosen to blend with my original colour to look as natural as possible.  One thing I was a bit surprised about was that Casey didn’t come and check the colour after it was washed out, but that’s a small thing to focus on and I’m sure it was just an oversight.

Daniel Galvin Casey Colour ReviewPIN IT

Speaking of oversights, I’m either really unlucky or Daniel Galvin aren’t fans of the Hair Wash Head Massage – both times I’ve visited recently I’ve somehow missed out head massages, which is a real shame as I love them! I love anything pampering and relaxing so I always looked forward to those few moments when I’m given a relaxing massage, therefore I was pretty gutted to not get one.  That’s two very minor complaints (and you know me, I like a good moan) over what was a very enjoyable and successful experience – I left with a cut and colour that I was (and still am!) very happy with.

The Long Kiss Goodnight HaircutPIN IT

Speaking of the cut, I ended up dragging out pictures of Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight (above) as whenever I see that film (have you seen it? It’s soooo good!) I always obsess over her hair – I love, love, love that length, but I’ve always worried it’d be a bit too short for me.  I mentioned this to Cheryl and she felt it would be a good length for me, so we decided to bite the bullet and go for the chop, although we kept it slightly longer than my mate Geena’s.  I’m so glad we did as I absolutely love this length and I’ll be keeping it this way for as long as I can – basically, until I get bored and need a change, which will be annoying as I don’t think there are many lengths that suit me as well as this one does.

Daniel Galvin Kensington ReviewPIN IT

Normally stylists look at my long face and say I need layers, but with my features, a short, layered bob can very easily look extremely frumpy.  Thankfully Cheryl kept it all one length, with just the tiniest bit of feathering to stop it looking too blunt.  I have extremely straight hair, and with hair this length, I can literally just leave it to dry and it looks great – in the pictures above I have literally done nothing to it – no products, no styling and no drying; it just falls into place as it’s the perfect cut for my hair type.  It’s also surprisingly versatile, as you can wear it up or down, back or forward, side or centrally parted; normally I can’t get away with a centre parting with long hair as it elongates my face (the last thing I need) but with this shorter style, I can wear it pretty much any way and get away with it, which is brilliant! I had a lovely time at Daniel Galvin and I would return in a heartbeat.  You can find out all you need to know about the Kensington Salon here.

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