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Today’s Mask Monday is a special one, as I’m featuring a new mask brand and taking a look at what it has to offer.  Nugg are a new-to-the-UK brand of masks which will appeal to anyone who loves a mask and enjoys the indulgence of pampering; they have seven different face masks in their collection, alongside a lip treatment mask (the gold pot) and an eye mask.  The face masks are what I’m most interested in and I really do love how they’re presented; you get them in individual tubs which you can buy as singles, in sets if you have a particular mask that you like, or in mixed sets if you fancy trying a bit of everything.

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I’ve tried a couple of the Nugg Face Masks and my favourites are the Deep Cleansing and the De-Stress, although there are some great others one too, such as the Exfoliating, Revitalising and Soothing.  All the masks are what I’d call “old school style”, as they’re gentle with natural ingredients, lovely scents that comes from the ingredients themselves and the pretty packaging is the cherry on the sundae; I really want a big glass bowl full of these in my bathroom!

Nugg Face Masks ReviewPIN IT

The one thing I will mention – that’s either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your stance – is the fact that you get a lot of product in the one point, which I think can be a bit wasteful.  However, it is said that when using masks, most people don’t use enough, so the generously sized portion ensures that isn’t a risk, plus there’s nothing worse than opening up a single serving of product and finding you don’t have enough for a treatment! I think, at a push, if you’re especially frugal, you could just about get two treatments out of this, but I would recommend keeping the second treatment in the fridge.  You can find a good selection of the Nugg Mask sets at Selfridges here, where prices range from £13 for a variety pack of 4, to £16.50 for a set of five of the same variant.  I believe the singles are only available in-store at Selfridges.

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  • Pepper Dasnee
    May 18, 2016

    Love Nugg face masks!!

    • Sascha
      Pepper Dasnee
      May 31, 2016

      They’re so great! I want a big bowlful as a centrepiece in my living room 😉 xx

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