New Superdrug in Whitechapel – Plus Five Great Collections

Superdrug Haul

Superdrug recently got in touch with me to let me know about their newest London venue in Whitechapel, and to mark the occasion I was sent a lovely hamper of goodies that are stocked at Superdrug.  Obviously it’ll take me all of about two seconds to let you know about the Whitechapel store (it’s at 75 Whitechapel Road – find out more here – DONE) so I thought I’d instead take this opportunity to remind you of some of the awesome collections, bits and bobs you can get from Superdrug.

Superdrug GOSH

First of, one of my all-time favourite high street brands and creators of my favourite foundation, GOSH Makeup.  If you haven’t tried their Foundation Drops then you need to immediately – I have several bottles on stand-by just in case, although my first bottle lasted me absolutely ages.  Other great products include their Velvet Touch Matt lipsticks (pictured is the gorgeous Baby Lips pink) and they also now have matte versions of their Forever Eyeshadow pencils, which are just as great as the original shimmery ones.

Superdrug Lipbalms

Superdrug have a great selection of lipbalms such as the extremely cute #lovelipbalms which come in a great selection of flavours from fruity to minty, with brilliantly cheeky covers and packaging, not at all bad for less than £3 a pop.  The pictured Leafy and Lovely set is even more of a steal at £2.50 for a pair of moisturising lip tints, which would make a lovely gift.

Superdrug Vitamin E Range

The Superdrug Vitamin E range has such a great reputation so I was looking forward to getting stuck into this trio.  It’s actually a really big range that’s incredibly affordable, and so far, my favourite is the Gentle Micellar Solution, which does exactly as it promises by gently, yet effectively, removing all traces of make-up without making my eyes sting or my skin feel tight.  The most raved about product from the range is the Hot Cloth Cleanser, so I’ll have to give that a go soon.

Superdrug Makeup Revolution

Of course it would be ridiculous to talk about the amazing brands available at Superdrug without talking about the awesome Makeup Revolution! I’m sure you all know what you like from this huge collection, but the favourites are usually the palettes (every time I see their counter I have to talk myself out of picking up their matte Flawless palette – and now they’ve just launched a follow-on it’s going to get even harder…) which tends to evoke images of solely the eyeshadow palettes, but my all-time favourite MUR products is their colour correcting palette, plus they do amazing blush palettes…and contour palettes….they’re just phenomenal! And Superdrug is the only place on the high street you can get them.

B. Superdrug

Finishing off with a bit more skincare, another successful Superdrug-only brand is B., which is a beauty brand that does both make-up and skincare.  I personally like the look of their Creative Art Edition palettes, of which there are a huge variety including some great face palettes, but they also do some lovely skincare such as the above Micellar solutions.  Everything I’ve talked about in this post and included in the pictures are, of course, available from Superdrug, either online, or in one of their many stores including the new one in Whitechapel!

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