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The Caudalie Grape Water is one of my all-time favourite facial sprays.  It’s a really wet spray that leaves skin feeling nicely hydrated and cooled, plus it’s purse-friendly with prices starting at £6 for the 75ml bottle pictured, which, in my mind, makes it a great all-rounder.  I like to use this after an acid tone or cleansing mask to lightly hydrated and sooth skin after something a little bit aggressive.  I can’t imagine this will upset any skin type, although the very spot-prone might want to test it out gently, but even when my skin has been really tricky (like recently) it hasn’t caused any problems and instead provides instant relief for any tightness and works really well during mask treatments.

Caudalie Grape Water is especially handy during humid weather as it gives a dense spray (rather than a light spritz) which may or may not do it for you, depending on what you like – I personally like skin to feel really soothed and cooled which is much more easily achieved with a thicker spray of product.  I do use it quite close to my face though, and I think holding it further back would provide a lighter spray.  I was really impressed with the pricing of the facial spray and it’s definitely encouraged me to stock up on a couple for my car and my handbag.  You can find the original Grape Water here, but there’s also a limited edition Grape Water here – which is also a 75ml bottle – that I believe is launched alongside the new Vinosource moisturisers, all of which can be found on the Caudalie site alongside the existing Vinosource products.

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