New from Pixi – Summer 2016

Pixi New Launches Summer 2016

It almost feels a bit ridiculous talking about Summer products since it feels like Summer 2016 is nearing it’s home stretch – sorry if that isn’t what you want to hear, I just really love Autumn and I’ll be welcoming it with open arms – but there are some lovely Summer products that I haven’t written about yet, such as all the newness from Pixi, of which there is a lot, some of which I’ll be posting about below, but the whole lot can be viewed here – link.

Pixi Liners Summer 2016

If you don’t already have at least one Endless Silky Eye Pen in your collection then I recommend you rectify this immediately; not only are they available in a stunning array of shades, with a particular focus on nudes, neutrals and all the lovely enhancing shades that leave you prettified rather than made-up, they come in a creamy, buttery texture much-like a liquid formula, in the handy format of a pencil, meaning you can use these as traditional liners, water-liners or even tight-liners.  There are a few new shades joining the existing line-up – Opal Overcoat – a shimmering gold that works alone as a gentle brightener, or can sit on top of other colours to add a pearlescent finish and Graphic Greige, another great example of the aforementioned flattering neutrals.  I’ve also included the beautiful Cobalt Blue shade in the picture above, because why not? These are £12 each – link.  Lash Line Ink is a great example of the sort of product that I wouldn’t have given the time of day to normally, since it has a felt sponge-style application and I usually find these bleed all over the place and area tricky to control, but I’m glad I did as this tip is long and slender which allows perfect lash-line placement, so you can achieve that tight-line effect on top of the lash line rather than going underneath.  A Velvet Cocoa shade joins the existing Black Silk, both of which are £12 each here – link.

Pixi Glosses Summer 2016

I’ll be honest and say that the LipLift Max glosses don’t really do it for me; I think it’s because when I walk into the Pixi store, I’ll likely be drawn to the Shea Butter Lip Balms or the Tinted Brilliance Balms or the amazing Mattelustre Lipsticks; glosses don’t really do it for me in the same way as a gorgeous balm or lipstick does, but I will say that I am in the minority with that as most people go crazy for the LipLift Max glosses, so for them, the arrival of two new shades – Honey Sheen and Sheer Rose – will likely be a very exciting launch.  They’re £12 each here – link.

Pixi Multibalms and Glow to Go Pads Summer 2016

I won’t say too much about the new Multibalms as I’ve since amassed the full colour line-up which I’ll be posting about in more detail soon.  As the name suggests, they are designed for multiple uses – mostly cheeks and lips, but if the colour fits then presumably you could get away with them on the eyes too.  These are £12 each here – link.  Finally the product that I think Pixi is probably most well known for is, of course, Glow Tonic, and it’s now available in a travel-friendly pad form! The Glow to Go Pads are brilliant for taking away, but I actually prefer them to using the liquid separately as you get a slight texture on the pads that feels as if it’s adding a bit more of an exfoliation to the experience.  These are £24 here – link – which sounds like a lot, but you’re getting 60, which even at daily use is a two month supply, so pretty decent value.

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