Palette Love: Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded

Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded

It’d probably be easier to change the name of my Palette Love series to UD Palette Love at this rate, since it’s such an UD-heavy series…and quite rightly too, since Urban Decay are doing their usual amazing thing with eyeshadows, putting together stunning edits that’ll make you come over all funny and swoony.  Exhibit A. is the new Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded.

Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Review

I gave a brief intro to this palette in my feature on the upcoming UD palettes, but to give you a bit more background, the Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded is a kind of homage to all Urban Decay palettes and features 20 shades from the brands’ 20 year reign as kings of the eyeshadow.  Consequently there’s a great mix of vintage shades and three brand new shades, as well as some of the more recent favourites.  Consequently, what you’re presented with is a truly eclectic mix of colour that gives you sooo much room to play and have fun.

Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Reviews

There are some strong and bold shades in the Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded, but none are so overtly scary that I would say I wouldn’t go near, especially as Urban Decay have this great way of ensuring that there are safe colours to blend out the brighter shades with, so you can adapt and adjust your eye look until you have a finish you’re completely happy with.  The case itself is a really lovely and classic box with a slow-release button that just adds a little more charisma to the palette, plus there’s a fabulously large mirror inside too.

Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded New Review

There are nudes, brights and smokies, all together in a beautifully presented box with the standard multi-use UD brush, which makes this a surprisingly essential palette since it offers a taste of everything you could need from a shadow colour collection.  It’s £43 and of course it’s sold out on the UD site since it’s seriously limited edition, but it still appears to be available at Debenhams here – link.  It is palette heaven from Urban Decay at the moment, as they’re releasing something for everyone, so if the XX Vice Ltd Reloaded isn’t doing it for you, trust me when I say that another one will be along soon to get your pulse racing!

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  1. Claire L
    September 2, 2016 / 1:42 AM

    I got mine from Debenhams and I’m in love! I never got any of the VICE palettes and I think this is a classic, as well as a nod to the past with the vintage shades which is beyond exciting! x

    • Sascha
      September 4, 2016 / 8:35 PM

      It’s just so dreamy! I love the colour edit – I think it’s so brilliantly put together.

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