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It’s been fairly quiet in recent months from Erno Laszlo, then suddenly they’re launching loads! There are two main things to get very excited about, the first of which is their line of double cleansing products which is going to be skin type specific (doesn’t that sound fab? Can’t wait for the launch – I’ve seen bits and bobs online and there’s a pink face bar and matching cleansing oil for sensitive skin that will be mine, not just because it is the prettiest shade of pink!) and, if the American site is anything to go by, there’ll be some introductory kits available at a very reasonable price, so let’s hope they head over here when the rest of the range launches.

The other exciting launch is the trio of Hydrogel sheet masks which are available in individual sachets for £14 a pop, or boxes of four for £50, which sounds expensive – mostly because it is – but keep in mind that Erno Laszlo is an extremely luxury brand with a price tag to match, and if you take a look at the other products in the range which easily head into triple digit prices, the Hydrogel prices are actually pretty decent.  The Sensitive Hydrogel Mask is soothing, softening and anti-inflammatory in the prettiest pink, the Detoxifying Hydrogel Mask is relies on charcoal to purify and AHAs to exfoliate and the blue Firmarine Hydrogel Mask contains Algae Extract and Argan Oil to deeply hydrate – even though the Firmarine range is designed to hydrate and anti-age, it’s a collection that I’ve used with success in the past as it doesn’t cause breakouts or blockages, and hydrates without leaving a greasy film.  I’m so excited about the sheet masks as I think they sound absolutely amazing! They’ve launched already so you can find them all here – link.


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