Fragrance Friday: Jasper Conran Nude

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After a few weeks of slightly unusual Fragrance Friday features courtesy of Escentual Molecules, today I have a much more traditional fragrance to show you that’s pretty, feminine and very wearable – say “hello” to Nude by Jasper Conran; a very easy-on-the-nose scent that’s got simplistic class to it thanks to it’s mostly white flower notes.  Inspired by Conran’s signature aesthetic, Nude is a very attractive and well-priced fragrance that smells a lot more expensive than it actually is.  Housed in a glass column-style bottle, this a classic perfume both to look at and to smell.

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The top notes are bergamot and grapefruit which you might expect would make the fragrance a little on the zingy side, especially on opening, but interestingly I don’t really pick them up (could well be my rubbish nose) but what is very noticeable is how the heart notes of gardenia, orange blossom and magnolia stay fresh and vibrant and don’t head into soapy territory, which I’m guessing it’s helped by the top notes – they keep the white flowers crisp.  The base notes are orris, amber, wood and musk which sound like they’re going to be quite heady, but again I think they’re just there to support and refresh the heart notes since Nude is just so pretty and gentle and Spring-like, that when I read the notes – especially the base notes – I was really surprised there were such earthy, woody notes as I would’ve expected them to drag such a light fragrance down, but instead the whole lot work together to create a very subtle yet bright and very charming perfume that’s a steal at £19.99 for 40ml, or just £29.99 for 100ml (pictured) both of which you can purchase here – link.

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  • Yuliya from Yukova (@yukovadesign)
    September 19, 2016

    I went to a Jasper Conran catwalk at Brewer Street Car Park during LFW this season. tha collection was so fantastic and inspiring. I had no idea they do fragrance too xxx
    Yukova Blog

    • Sascha
      Yuliya from Yukova (@yukovadesign)
      October 12, 2016

      Ooo amazing! Bet that was fun 🙂 xxx

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