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I Heart Makeup launched a collection of lipbalms recently, presented in brightly-coloured, travel-friendly, twist-up packaging that’s fun, easy and purposeful…although a few people have said they look like sex toys, which isn’t ideal! There are five flavours available, starting with Strawberry (red), Blueberry (blue), Cool Vanilla (white), Mint Sorbet (green) and Raspberry Fizz (pink).

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The lipbalms are generously sized and easy to apply, thanks to their domed-shape.  The flavours are also really good and don’t taste synthetic or unpleasant.  I’m not a fan of anything minty, but pretty much every other flavour is tasty and very pleasant.  I think my favourites are Raspberry Fizz and Cool Vanilla, but Blueberry and Strawberry are very nice too – I’m unfairly dismissing Mint Sorbet due to my issues with mint flavoured anything, even though it’s a very nice, well-executed mint flavour!

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These are cheap, cheery and easy lipbalms that are cute and nicely flavoured.  They’re not going to offer any level of deep hydration or heal heavily cracked or weather beaten lips, but if your lips are basically okay then these will maintain that well, plus they also provide a good base for matte lipstick (apply a few minutes before you plan to use the lipstick, then blot before application) as they’re not greasy or shiny on the lips.  I’ve found recently that a lot of rich lip treatments are causing wonderfully attractive breakouts just along the lip line, which isn’t what you want, but thankfully these don’t, and I think it’s because they’re not greasy enough to slip and slide all over the place, making them ideal if you’re sensitive to lip products.  Each one is £2.99, but you can buy the whole lot for a tenner here – link – just when you whip one out in public, make it very clear it’s a lip treatment…

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  • BeautyandTheBoy
    October 1, 2016

    I loveee the smell of these the mint one has to be one of my favourites but then again i do love then Strawberry one


    • Sascha
      October 12, 2016

      I’m the complete opposite, I hate mint! The Strawberry one is lovely though.

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