L’Oreal Professional French Girl Hair: Messy Cliche Spray and French Froisse Cream

L'Oreal Professional French Girl Hair Review

I immediately jumped on these two new styling launches from L’Oreal Professional – how could I not when they were called “French Girl Hair”? When I think of French Girl Hair, I think of textured, effortlessly messy and tousled that looks so cool and easy, yet whenever I try it with my defiantly straight and flat hair, I either end up getting absolutely nowhere, or my hair ends up sticking up randomly as if someone’s holding a balloon above my head – neither of these looks are what I’m going for…

L'Oreal Professional French Girl Hair Styling Spray Review

The French Girl Hair range consists of two products, the Messy Cliche Styling Spray and the French Froisse Styling Cream, with the former recommended for fine hair and the latter for medium textured hair.  Both products can be used in either wet or dry hair in pretty much the same way; you add it to the hair and work texture in by twisting and separating hair to create a tousled effect – the products provide hold and a little bit of shine without greasiness or heaviness, although, as with any styling products, using too much can have an adverse effect.

L'Oreal Professional French Girl Hair Styling Cream Review

Even though I think the Messy Cliche Styling Spray is designed more for my hair type, I actually get on better with the styling cream as I can scrunch it into my hair and really get some texture going.  Having said that, the spray is pretty good for adding a bit of body and movement if you follow with a quick blast of the hairdryer, making it particularly handy if you’re in a hurry.  For me though, if I had to pick one, I’d go for the French Froisse Styling Cream as I like using it on wet hair to add grit and movement, then to top up my style the day after a wash.  Both products are usually £15 and can be purchased from L’Oreal salons, but I’ve found them on HQ Hair for £11.95: Messy Cliche is here – link – and French Froisse is here – link.

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