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Marc Jacobs Beauty has been available in the UK for a little while now, but it hasn’t been the most accessible brand, and whilst I’ve seen plenty about it online – mostly on blogs; who hasn’t cooed at those gorgeous, sexy eyeshadow palettes? – I haven’t seen much of it in person which has kind of kept it off my radar.  Thankfully that’s now rapidly changing at Marc Jacobs Beauty has just launched into John Lewis, and whilst it isn’t in every John Lewis yet (come on guys, we need it in Brent Cross!) it’s definitely being rolled out over more and more JL stores so it should, hopefully, arrive in one near you very soon.

Pictured above is the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, the Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in the stunning Fluorescent Beige (I’m wearing it here) and the very exciting, newly launched Air Blush, the latter of which I’ll be featuring very soon.  I’m actually quite surprised at the price point with the Marc Jacobs Beauty range, as whilst it’s definitely a luxury line, I was expecting it to be at the higher end of luxury, but it’s actually pretty similar to Bobbi Brown/Lancome/YSL in terms of price; the Highliners are £19, Full Coverage Foundation is £37 and the aforementioned Air Blushes are £28.  Having attended the launch of the John Lewis partnership recently, I got to see the majority of the range close-up and I have some serious desires to just totally binge – starting with the Full Coverage Foundation which looked really great on the model at the event (although it would do, wouldn’t it?) and of course I want ALL the Highliners, but there’s also a collection of New Nude Sheer Gel Lipsticks which contains some of the prettiest, delicate take on pinks that I just absolutely need in my life.  Check out all the Marc Jacobs Beauty at John Lewis here – link.

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