Fragrance Friday: Giorgio Armani Si Le Parfum


I’m very fortunate to be sent all sorts of fragrances to share with you guys, ranging from the very budget, to the very luxurious.  When Si Le Parfum appeared at my door, as soon as I started opening it I knew it was at the luxurious end as everything about it screams luxury – the packaging is really quite something; elegant and understated, yet beautifully presented.  The bottle itself is a weighty, rounded glass with a coordinated lid that reminds me a little of the amber that you often see preserving fossils, just a different colour.  The bottle is housed in a drawstring bag that’s branded and in a shade of a gentle, blush pink which also matches the box – as I said, understated and very feminine without being overtly girly.


The vibe of the whole scent is clearly amber, which for me is the very dominant fragrance note.  I personally don’t love such a dominant amber note, but if you like amber you will absolutely love this as it’s a very pretty take on an amber perfume that includes notes of blackcurrant, vanilla, patchouli and bergamot.  It’s suggested that the blackcurrant is a top note but I really think it comes out in the dry down, where you’re left with the amber alongside a really clear and crisp hit of blackcurrant, and at times I even pick-up a slight tobacco note, but that’s just me! There’s also frankincense and jasmine, and all of these together form a fragrance that’s deep, heady, utterly feminine but neither sickly nor sweet, so perfect for those who are seeking a new, Winter fragrance as this scent has AW written all over it.  It’s a parfum, so ease yourself in (spray in the air and walk in if you just want a light hit – spray on pulse points if you’re jumping in feet first) and it’s £114 for 40ml here – link.

*PR Sample


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