Mask Monday: Dermovia Lace Your Face Calming Chamomile Face Mask

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It’s very telling that I can put on a lace sheet mask that completely covers my face and jawline, leaving me looking like something out of a horror film, and my 3 year old son Teddy doesn’t bat an eyelid.  Sheet masks are no longer a new thing; I think it’s even safe to say that we’re a little bit swamped by them now – they’re 2016’s answer to the BB Cream, with high-street brands offering them freely now too – but the Dermovia Lace Your Face sheet masks offer something a bit different and are worth investigating if you like a high performance mask but you’re bored with traditional sheet masks.

dermovia-lace-your-face-calming-chamomile-face-mask-reviewPIN IT

The Dermovia Lace Your Face masks are, as the name suggests, a lace sheet mask that utilises the benefits of gauze compression which is basically like having someone firmly press product into the skin.  This is achieved by attaching to your eyes so a pressure is achieved, and obviously this pressure stays for the duration of the mask.  It attaches both with ear hooks at the side of the cheeks, then another set of hooks come under the chin and also attach to the ears.  As someone with a rather long face, this was a little uncomfortable as the hooks didn’t fully fit over my ears, but it was completely bearable and I wore the mask for just under an hour without hitting a limit of tolerance; it’s not a major thing, but worth bearing in mind as my ears did get a bit squashed.  The benefit of such a tight fitting mask is that it really does push the product into the skin, which even the best fitting sheet mask isn’t going to do.  Other than the rather glamorous lace-effect design, the other thing I really like about these masks is the variety of treatments available; there are eight variants available to treat a multitude of skin issues, such as Smoothing Peptides for anti-ageing, Exfoliating Papaya for enzymatic exfoliation, and the one I really want, which is the Healing Yoghurt Milk for blemished skin, which just sounds like the loveliest approach to blemishes, and a welcoming change to the usual, overly harsh suggested formulas.  I tried the Calming Chamomile version which was as described; soothing, gentle and calming on my red hot skin.  I can’t seem to find these online in the UK, but I do know they’re available from Fenwicks and they’re £40 for a box of 5, making them £8 a go.  If you have the patience, you can actually reuse each mask once more, making them even better value.  Check out the full range here – link – and four of the masks (Calming Chamomile, Hydrating Rose Water, Rejuvenating Collagen and Smoothing Peptides) are available from the fabulous new Fabled site here – link.

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