Mask Monday: Superfacialist Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Clay Mask

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When I’m having a breakout, there are a few key products that I always, always reach for, and the Superfacialist Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Clay Mask is definitely one of them as it’s such a great product for breakouts, especially those that are a little chaotic and need to be put in their place! I think the Superfacialist range is one of the best high street skincare ranges available, I just wish there were more products.

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The Superfacialist Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Clay Mask is a typical clay mask that relies on mud to suck-out the impurities, but it’s the other ingredients that make this a really special mask for spot-prone skin types.  First up, there’s my beloved Salicylic Acid, a BHA that is amazing for attacking spots and should feature in every skincare routine designed to address breakouts, then there’s also a rather wonderful cocktail of vitamins and minerals – Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Iron and vitamins A, D and E – as well as the wonder ingredient of 2016, Niacinamide.  All these help to attack, treat, sooth and balance spotty skin, which is a much better approach than just finding something horrendously drying to burn the breakouts and upset all the surrounding skin.

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I also love the fact that the mask contains Avocado Oil, Acacia Honey and Shea Butter which all counteract any possible drying effects of the acid and clay. I highly rate the  Superfacialist Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Clay Mask as one of the very best you can get for tricky skin types, especially those of us who suffer from adult acne, as it’s such a well-formulated and impressively effective mask that really well make a substantial difference to breakout prone skin.  I tend to use it only on areas that I have breakouts as I’m trying to leave my forehead well alone at the moment (it’s in quite good nick, so I’m trying to keep it that way by doing as little as possible to it!) so I apply it to the lower part of my face, basically anywhere there’s either an existing breakout, or that kind of slightly fuzzy feeling you get when the skin is about to erupt.  This mask is brilliant, essential for anyone who ever gets any spots – even just hormonal monthly breakouts – and it’s less than a tenner usually, but currently at Boots for a rather alarming £6.66 here – link.

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