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We all know Murad as a well-respected skincare brand that’s easy to access and pretty commercial, so when I was invited along to House of Fraser for a Murad facial, I was expecting the usual brand-focused facial you often get with similar brands, where a skincare therapist basically takes off all your make-up, then uses a series of products on you that you simply must buy – kind of like a glorified cleanse, tone and hydrate with a hard sell thrown in for good measure.  I could not have been more wrong and I was completely and utterly blown away by my Murad facial, so much so in fact, that as I’m writing this I’m trying to pull together the funds to book a course.

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One of the things I think Murad have a real grasp of is the need for good skincare that’s suited to adult acne, and they also provide a range of treatments that suit this tricky skin type too.  There is so much to rave about regarding the facial as everything is brilliantly well thought out.  The facial area is on the lower ground floor right at the back of the shoe department, which is particularly handy if you have rubbish skin like mine and want to run home without being seen as it’s a relatively quiet area and there is a side exit that takes you on to the side streets (although it can also take you right on to Oxford Street too, so be sure to turn right, not left!) which I really like as I hate being somewhere so full of people without any make-up on, mainly because I feel this guarantees that I’ll bump into either someone who bullied me at school, or an ex boyfriend.  It’s sod’s law, isn’t it? So I can happily skulk through the back streets and return to my car, having only scared a few unlucky children.  The facial takes place in a soothingly-lit room that contains what I can only presume is an orthopaedic bed as it moves around quite a bit and allows for you to be almost completely upright at the end of the treatment, so you can just float on off to get dressed.  The bed itself has a duvet and you get all snug and comfy. ‘nough said.

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My facial treatment was with Natasha, a woman who’s worked with an array of impressive brands (but she always comes back to Murad) and who knows my type of skin really well, and therefore knows how to treat it accordingly.  The facial treatment itself was the most perfect balance of results-driven and relaxation that I think I have ever experienced – normally all facials favour one or the other, but this was spot-on.  The treatment is thorough and pretty standard, in that it follows a relatively traditional process of deep cleanse, exfoliate, extraction (which were very good by the way, minimal pain and again very thorough) mask, treatment, etc, but each element is balanced out with relaxation, so the cleanse is undertaken with a thorough facial massage, when the mask is on, you get a head and shoulder massage, when the final mask is on you get a hand and arm massage, and none of these massages are token gesture, time-fillers, these are part of the treatment, which is very unusual for a facial that’s, I feel, sold on results rather than relaxation. Once the facial was complete, I was given some product suggestions (at my request) and sent home feeling fabulous.  I’m very fortunate to have experienced some of the best facials in London, costing hundreds and hundreds of pounds, yet I’d say that Murad is up there in my all-time favourites. Of course results are important too, and I can happily report that my skin felt noticeably more balanced, soothed and treated – spots looked calmer and my whole face felt plumper and more hydrated.  In case it isn’t obvious, I am a fan…Find out more about the Murad facials here – link.  They’re in the process of phasing out their traditional facials in favour of the Murad Method facial, which looks at everyone individually and tailors the facial accordingly, whilst also making lifestyle suggestions based on the skin assessment, so this facial will be taking over all the others soon.  Prices start at £55 for an hour long treatment nationwide, but are slightly more at House of Fraser in London where prices start at £60 for an hour long treatment.

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