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A while ago I attended an event for Sachajuan where I was given a selection of products suited to my hair needs.  This was at a time when I was swimming in new hair launches, so I didn’t have a chance to fully assess the products I was given until recently, where I’ve quickly fallen in love.  Sachajuan is a fairly comprehensive range of Swedish haircare that covers both washing and styling and makes use of “Ocean Silk Technology” to provide hair with minerals and proteins that add strength and shine to all hair types.


The cleansing duo I was recommended is the Volume Shampoo and Volume Conditioner as my hair is limp, fine and flat, so I need all the help I can get with injecting a bit of life into it. Interestingly there’s also a range of Thickening products, which are very similar, but they provide thickness whilst the Volume duo take away weight and allow fine hair to feel light and bouncy – a very common hair type is “fine, but a lot of it” which basically means that each hair itself is quite thin, but there’s a lot of them on the head; this is my hair type and the Volume range is ideal for this as it adds hydration whilst keeping it light and airy.  I like everything about this duo; it feels great on the hair, smells fab without being too intrusive and it gives hair the perfect balance of bounce and softness.  The Volume Shampoo is £18 here – link – and the Volume Conditioner is £20 here – link.


Sachajuan Hair Repair appears to be one of the cult products from the range.  It’s a deep conditioner that feels like a rich, thick face cream going on, and can be left on, ideally, for 5-10 minutes, but if you have hair that’s particularly fine or doesn’t necessarily need a deep condition, you can get away with using it for a shorter time – I tend to go for 3-5 minutes and it works a treat.  This is a beautiful product that really does soften and hydrate hair without adding any weight or greasiness.  I understand why it’s cult! It’s £23 here – link.  The final product is the Sachajuan Ocean Mist which I included in my love list for September here, as it really is the most perfect way to add that ‘just undone’ look to hair, especially if it’s poker straight like mine.  It’s also pretty buildable without leaving a residue, making it ideal for hair that is prone to greasiness or shows up product residue easily.  It’s £18 here – link.

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