12 Gifts of Christmas: Foreo Complete Beauty Essentials

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It really does feel like Foreo have gone from having just a couple of products to suddenly having absolutely loads, so if you feel the same way, or you’ve heard a lot about Foreo but have never tried anything from the brand, the Complete Beauty Essentials set is a fantastic gift choice to hint to friends and family about, but it’s also a fabulous option to gift to others as either single, big gift or several individual presents.

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The Foreo Complete Beauty Essentials is a well thought out set containing two gadgets and two products.  The skincare products are both cleansers, starting with the yummy sounding Awakening Radiance Yoghurt for your morning cleanse and the Celestial Melting Gel for night cleansing, with both products designed to work especially well with any of the Foreo cleansing brushes.  The set itself contains 15ml of each, but pictured are the full-sized products.

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The gadgets are where it gets really interesting as you get the Issa toothbrush in Lavender, the matching Hybrid Toothbrush Head and a Fuchsia Luna Play, which is the dinky version of the Foreo Luna brush that started it all.  Since my set arrived I’ve been trying out the Issa toothbrush and it really does have a lot of selling points; since starting using it my gums have stopped bleeding completely as I can easily be too heavy handed with more traditional brushes, but that’s pretty much impossible with the Issa.  I have crooked teeth with lots of nooks and crannies so I don’t think the Issa is able to get into all of them, but I have been impressed with how clean teeth feel and look after just a few uses, so at the very least I’ll be using it daily as a finisher after a more intense clean, although at the moment I’m using it on it’s own.  I haven’t tried the hybrid head, but I hope it’s going to be the answer to my issues and get into the tricky parts so I can use it as my full-time brush.  If you haven’t used a Foreo cleansing brush before then this set is a fantastic introduction to the range as it includes the mini version that’ll give you a great idea of how effective the Foreo brushes are at gently, yet surprisingly deeply, cleansing skin.  The set is £149 here – link.

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  • mynameissarahlouise
    November 20, 2016

    This is a great vale set. Going to wait and see if anyone has an offer on Black Friday but I’m definitely self gifting

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