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You may remember a little while ago I wrote about all the impending newness coming from luxury skincare brand, Erno Laszlo, some of which included the very exciting cleansing duos, which are miniature sets of cleansing oils and the cult soap bars, with four different types available depending on your skin type.  These are: blue Firmarine Double Cleansing for firming and lifting, beige Hydra-Therapy for hydrating and nourishing, and the two I’ve been trying out; black Detoxifying for exfoliating and detoxing and finally the pink Sensitive for soothing and calming.

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I have the most intense soft spot for Erno Laszlo as I love the heritage, I love the luxury and I love the fact that a lot of the products are very old-school and based on the traditional approach that good skincare takes a lot of work, a philosophy I firmly believe in…I also love the packaging, but that’s just a bonus!  However, I do think most of the Laszlo products tend to cater the extremes, there’s a range for committed anti-ageing, the very dry or the very oily, but there’s not a lot for the in-between skin like mine, that can go either way in the blink of an eye.  Having said that, the arrival of their Sensitive range is very exciting, and the fact that it’s pink has left me a bit smitten.

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I’ll start with the Detoxifying duo which contains the Detoxifying Cleansing Oil and Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar.  If you’ve never tried a Laszlo soap bar then you need to change this as it’s such a joyful way to cleanse, there’s just something about lathering a soap bar in your hands, before working the lather across your face and rinsing off – it feels like the very definition of cleansing.  The cleansing oil is interesting as it isn’t what I’d necessary call an oil, it’s more like an oily gel as it’s a lot thicker than the oils I’m used to.  Obviously the whole idea of these sets is that they’re a duo of cleansers, so you start with the oil and then follow with the Cleansing Bar.  I really liked the Detoxifying duo as I felt they left skin feeling really clean and smooth, but those who are combination to dry might find them too drying; follow with a hydrating toner to keep the balance.  The Sensitive pair are my new loves as they are so fab – the oil is much more traditional and almost watery in consistency, but oily enough to get rid of all make-up including eye make-up. The in comes the beautiful baby pink cleansing bar that forms the creamiest lather than honestly feels like a cleansing cream rather than a soap, yet skin still feels really clean after use.  All the duos come in a travel-friendly box with vent holes so the soap gets the air it needs, which is a clever design for the packaging.  I would guess that one set would last you around a month, which makes them very good value for £24 – not the cheapest introductory duo you’ll ever find, but keep in mind that Erno Laszlo products are seriously luxury – think hundreds of pounds for certain products – so when I first heard about these I thought they’d be around £50 each.  Strangely enough, this is probably the more affordable way to maintain a Laszlo cleansing routine! The Sensitive duo is here – link – annoyingly I can’t seem to find a link for the Detoxifying duo, so I’ll update as soon as I have one.

Update: here – link – you’ll find the Detoxifying duo.

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