Mask Monday: Nugg Intensive Skin Treatment Sets

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How absolutely gorgeous are these mask sets from Nugg? Designed to provide relief from common skin complaints, these are sets of four masks that compliment each other to work as an intensive treatment program to reset your skin – as an avid believer in multi-masking (doing one after the other though, rather than all at the same time, as is currently popular!) I love the concept of these sets and I think they’ve been executed in a really effective fashion, with instructions on the back detailing exactly what mask you should use when for optimum results.

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There are four of the Nugg Intensive Skin Treatment Sets asvailable: one for Ageing, one for Dry Skin, one for Dull Skin and one for Sensitive Skin.  I have the Dry Skin pack and the Sensitive Skin pack, and what’s great is that you can either dip in and use the masks as and when, knowing that they’re designed to suit your skin issue, or you can use them as prescribed.  The Dry Skin pack contains one Soothing mask, one Exfoliating mask and two Hydrating masks, and the suggested protocol is to use the Exfoliating Mask followed by Hydrating on day one, then the Soothing mask overnight on day two before finishing off with another hit of hydration on day three.

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The Sensitive Skin pack contains three of the Soothing masks and one of the Deep Cleansing masks, with the recommendations suggesting deep cleanse and sooth on day one, then sooth and sooth again on days three and four.  I think these mask sets are particularly handy for the impending party season when we often end up with uncharacteristically tricky skin courtesy of the cold weather, stodgy food, sugar and alcohol, so these kits are perfect to correct and sooth skin that’s playing up.  The Nugg Intensive Skin Treatment Sets are £12.99 each and most can be found at Beauty Bay here – link – although the Ageing one doesn’t seem to be there – will try and find another stockist and update.

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