Quick Pick Tuesday: Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner


The Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner  is a great example of a product that sounds a little too good to be true, but then you use it and it’s amazing! It’s such a simple yet effective idea, that if you like to play around with colour or use powders with strong pigments then this bargain little sponge pot will become a firm regular in your everyday kit.  Sometimes the simplest ideas are the very best!


It’s a very basic concept as it’s just a slightly wiry sponge (the very softest side of wiry, so nothing rough to damage or rip brush bristles) that sits within a shoe polish style tin that’s sturdy and easy to open.  The sponge is dry and you use it by working the brush over the top of the sponge in quite a similar way to how you might do so on a soap bar when washing them.  Obviously brushes take on a bit of colour each time you use them, but the bulk of the pigment is removed so you’re left with a brush that won’t mix or merge colours and will give a clean finish.  It works on all brushes that use powder (it isn’t intended for cream products as that would gunk up the sponge pretty quickly) and I find it particularly handy for the brushes I use to blend colour and soften lines as these are the brushes that tend to pick up a lot of different shadows, so it’s nice to give them a quick clean in between each colour to stop any colour interference.  I would imagine, with care, this sponge would last a good few months (at a guess I’d say 3-6, although the retailer recommends changing it more often – it can be washed easily) making it £5.99 well spent here – link.


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