QVC TSV: Time Bomb Skincare Set


Time Bomb are one of those skincare ranges that tends to hang around in the background, with those who have tried it raving about it (including me – they do some amazing skin tonics in the form of their Complexion Cocktails) but for some reason it’s a range that doesn’t seem to often dominate ‘must have’ lists, even though there are some star products.  This weekend sees the arrival of a brilliant Time Bomb QVC TSV, so if you haven’t had a chance to try the collection, here’s your opportunity.


There are five products in the collection starting with the brand new Instawow Sparkling Facial Mask which is a foaming treatment (I have a love/hate relationship with these as they feel very unpleasant on the skin, but they work really well!) designed to generally boost skin by deep cleansing and hydrating.  The Supersize Flashback Night Cream is a very rich night treatment that I’m staying well away from since my skin is so difficult at the moment, but I do love that spherical packaging!


Next are two products that I love, starting with the beautifully hydrating Supersize Collagen Bomb, a product that’s marketed as ‘skin fuel’ which really dose make a quick and noticeable difference to skin.  The aforementioned Complexion Cocktail is of course included in this set – the one that’s been selected is the Chlorophyll variant.  There’s also a Supersize Hand Cream which I haven’t got.  All products are full-sized and the price will be £47.98, working out at less than a tenner per product.  The Complexion Cocktail alone retails for £24 and 30ml of the Supersize Collagen Bomb is £39 (50ml is £63), so you’re getting plenty for your buck! The Time Bomb QVC TSV date is the 4th December 2016, which is this coming Sunday.

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