My Week in Review #1

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I’ve seen quite a few weekly update type posts recently and I thought they looked quite fun, so I thought I’d start my own in an attempt to break up the beauty with some bits that are a bit more personal, to hopefully invite you a little further into my world.  I hope you enjoy! This week I’ve been…

Listening to An Awesome Wave by Alt-J as it’s one of those brilliantly executed albums that’s mellow yet interesting and just the right side of weird.  Check it out here – link.

Getting excited about the new Smith & Cult eye make-up range, which is soooo pretty! The design is just right – enticing, luxurious and very, very pretty.  Have a little look at the eyeshadow palettes – link – and keep your eye on my Instagram.

Eating at Zuma in Knightsbridge with a fabulous crew of bloggers courtesy of DHC (who have some amazing new launches coming shortly) which was honestly one of the best nights I’ve had for a while – great food and wonderful company made for a fantastic evening.

Watching I’m A Celeb! I’m finally caught up after spending the last couple of weeks several episodes behind (and having to tread very carefully with social media so as not to see any spoilers) and I have to say I’m enjoying it; I’m a little bit in love with Joel (funny AND hot) and whilst I feel a bit sorry for Martin, he really isn’t helping himself is he…?

Meeting Gerard Butler…seriously! He’s the face of Hugo Boss so a few of us were invited along to hear him talk about his manliness (probably wasn’t exactly that, but that’s what I took away from it all…) and afterwards we got a chance to have a photo with him, where HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME, hence the grinning moron expression.  I don’t think I’ve ever looked that happy…

Experiencing the Zone Face Lift – a take on facial reflexology which basically involves 75 minutes of blissful massage using various tools and working on pressure points. I’ll review it fully soon, but find out more here – link.

All-in-all it’s been a rather lovely week with lots of really enjoyable experiences, so I thought it would make for a perfect starter point for this series.  I’m now looking forward to a very easy weekend of quiet, with lots of TV, watching films (I’ve got really back into films recently – I’m hoping to finally watch The Revenant and Into The Forest, both of which have come to Sky Movies this week and look awesome) and hanging out with Teddy.

Do you have anything good planned for the weekend? Have a great one, whatever you end up doing!


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  • Claire L
    November 29, 2016

    Fun post! Spent the weekend moving into a rented flat ?, very stressful move! Settling in now tho.

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