12 Gifts of Christmas: Laura Geller 12 Piece I-Care Eyeliner Library Collection


The Laura Geller 12 Piece I-Care Eyeliner Library Collection is truly an eye make-up lover’s dream as it contains a gorgeous array of 12 eyeliners in various different shades with all the main ones covered; black, obviously, but also some great nudes, neutrals and jewel tones making this a great set for anyone who loves their liner, especially those who tend to play it safe but would like to experiment a bit more.


The I-Care Eyeliners are twist-up liners with smudgers at one end and the crayon liner at the other.  They provide a smooth and even line, but you won’t get a deep, sharp finish with these (although I will confess I haven’t tried all 12) as these are better suited to providing a smoky finish that you blend out; in fact, I particularly like using one of the coloured shades to add a bit of colour and definition and I apply by crudely lining the eye, then smudging, then lining again and smudging until the effect is really smoky.


The shades included in the Laura Geller 12 Piece I-Care Eyeliner Library Collection are: Black, Java, Aquamarine, Navy, Slate, Cafe Mocha, Eggplant, Teal, Jungle, Rose Gold, Rainforest and Gunmetal; I realise you can’t tell the exact colour going by the name on some of them, but you get a general idea and I don’t think there are any shades in there that I wouldn’t wear making this a great all-rounder.  Again, like a lot of the presents I’ve included in the 12 Gifts of Christmas series this year, this can be given as a single gift or broken down into more gifts, or even singled out and included as stocking fillers.  It isn’t the cheapest set at £65.04 but it works out at under £5.50 per liner, which, considering they retail at £18 each, is quite the saving.  Find the set at QVC UK here – link.

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