Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets – Review and Swatches


Everyone’s been going a bit loopy for the Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets as their launch has been perfectly timed; if it’s an easy winter lip you’re seeking in a comfortable format and a huge array of colours, you’ll definitely need to bag yourself a Lip Magnet or two.


Coming in 18 shades covering a decent spectrum of reds, pinks, nudes and berries, the Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets are prettily presented and very easy to wear, even though they provide a matte finish (that’s probably about 95% matte as there’s a tiny bit of a give and there’s definitely no dry, chalky feel) so they’re definitely an unconventional matte as they feel like surprisingly hydrating on the lips.


The staying power is very good, as you would expect from both an Armani product and a matte lipstick, and the swatches I took of the shades I have took some effort to get off – think several showers! In the swatches, I’ve literally just done one swipe to show you how pigmented the product is – as you can see, it doesn’t need any level of building-up to present a really strong hit of colour.


I was sent six shades to try out: 402 – a deep berry red; 301 – an orange-toned red;  602 – a plum/berry; 500 – a rich and bright fuchsia; 302 – bright red and finally 600 – a nude, muted berry.  Most of these are not the sort of shades I would pick for myself, but I actually really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and trying colours that are a bit different to what I’m used to; I am horrifyingly anaemic at the moment so excuse the ultra pale complexion in my pics.


The packaging is very clever, particularly the applicator which is brilliantly designed – it’s a leaf shape that comes to a point, which allows you to create a liner effect before filling in with colour, but more importantly, it hugs the whole lip so well that you end up with a near perfect finish, which is quite an achievement for notoriously tricky matte lip products.

PIN IT 301


The Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets are a great example of well-deserved hype with an exciting collection of colours (I want all the pinks, ALL OF THEM) in a wonderful formula and a great applicator.  Obviously they’re Armani so they’re not going to be cheap, and at £27 each they’re definitely at the higher end of the luxury price point – although certainly not the highest out there – but with products like these it can often be a case of getting what you pay for.


The full Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet collection is available directly from the Armani Beauty site here – link – and are all available now.

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  • Claire L
    December 9, 2016

    They look great on you! x

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