My Week in Review #2


It hasn’t been the most exciting week, but there are a few things I thought I’d share…

Listening to Amazon Prime 90’s Radio Station – I blimin’ love Amazon Prime; I love the quick deliveries, I love the choice of film and TV available, and I love the music app which is just phenomenal as it allows you to download full albums from a huge selection, or listen to radio stations of which there are thousands – you can fast forward tracks you don’t like and rewind tracks you do, and I just find it a really handy product.  Find out more about Prime here – link.

Eating cheese boards – there is just something so basically yummy about a plate full of crackers and different cheeses; I’m particularly fond of Brie, Red Leicester and Wensleydale with Cranberry.

Watching The Affair – I’m so happy this is back for a third season and it’s still brilliant. I was worried it might be a bit less intriguing now that the big reveal has happened, but there’s still plenty of mystery and uncertainty that make this a fab drama with a great cast.

Getting excited about my house move – although I’m also dreading it too, obviously, as it’s going to be such a huge upheaval and I’m scared I’ll forget something or the transition won’t go smoothly, like I’ll move in and realise I haven’t moved my internet over…you think this level of worry would mean I’d be ultra organised and plan everything, but no, I’m winging it…

Planning my year – ’tis the season for making unrealistic plans and setting yourself up for failure; I should give pep talks. I’m trying really, really hard to just select a few things to focus on and achieve in 2017, things like improving my diet and making healthier choices, and taking up Pilates again, which I really enjoyed last year.

Recovering from the horrid lurgy – that seems to have got everyone in the last couple of weeks.  Teddy was very poorly with it and I had a couple of days of hell, but I think (hope!) that we’re basically over it now.  I relied heavily on Lemsip to see me through the tricky days and I found putting a cup of boiling water with a small knob of Snufflebabe Vapour Balm near Teddy’s bed helped with his congestion overnight. You can find Snufflebabe here – link.


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