Mask Monday: ESPA Essential Cleansing Mask


I’m familiar with ESPA but I don’t think I’ve ever tried any of their products.  All I know of them is that they’re a luxury spa brand – a bit like Elemis, but whereas Elemis is more results driven with elements of spa-ness (it’s a word…probably) I’d say ESPA are more focused on providing products that are sensory and encourage relaxation, whilst also providing results, but as a secondary focus.  Of course this is all based on my initial impressions and assessments of the brand, so I could be completely wrong! As I currently see it, ESPA is a brand you go to if you want to feel really, really pampered.


The ESPA Essential Cleansing Mask is absolutely lovely and strikes the perfect balance of that spa-like pampering whilst still doing a really good job at giving skin a good, deep cleanse.  I love a cleansing mask, but I tread carefully with them as they can often be so clay heavy that they drive to such a hard finish that the battle to remove makes any current spots red and angry, which isn’t what anyone wants.  The ESPA Essential Cleansing Mask is light and creamy and whilst it does dry, it dries to a creamy finish that wipes or washes off really easily, so skin feels soft and cleansed afterwards without any redness or irritation.


The Essential Cleansing Mask contains Rose Geranium, Rose Damascena and Marshmallow which together provide the creaminess that keeps the Kaolin Clay from feeling too harsh, whilst also giving the mask a pretty fragrance that smells natural rather than perfumed – I personally hate anything too perfume-y (anther good word, there) going anywhere near my skin, so something that smells naturally good is a winner.  It’s a definite thumbs-up from me; I’ve used this mask several times including in the bath – it works really well and doesn’t become clammy like some masks do from the heat and steam – and it’s one I reach for most of all as it suits my tricky skin really well.  It’s £31 here – link – and I would guess you’d get about eight uses from the jar.

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