Timebomb Complexion Cocktails – The Original Essences!


I’ve been a long-term fan of the Timebomb Complexion Cocktails as I think they’re such great products that can be used in a multitude of ways; I’ve often perceived them as the UK’s first real experience of Essences, which are now, of course, a lot more common.  Complexion Cocktails are thin hyaluronic acid-based liquids that you can press on to skin after cleansing/toning but before serum application.  You can use them to address temporary issues such as breakouts or dull, tired skin and as I have particularly tricky skin, I like to keep the three of them around to address the various skincare issues I always seem to have!


The Complexion Cocktail with a Shot of B12 is aimed at helping tired skin that needs help looking a bit fresher and more alive.  I use this one the least, although I do think it’s a particularly great choice for mums as it does help give skin a more rested appearance.


The Complexion Cocktail with H2Omega is probably the most popular and well-known of the trio, since it’s won awards and is the one that I think is most universally used.  It’s packed full of fatty acids and designed to plump, hydrate and give your skin its bounce back if it’s feeling and looking dry and/or dehydrated.


The Complexion Cocktail with Chlorophyll is the one I go for most, as it’s the one aimed at helping breakouts and stressed skin – definitely something I suffer from on a regular basis and probably the one most suited to a lot of my readers.  What I especially like about this one is that even though it’s aimed at breakouts, it’s fundamentally a hydration product which is quite a rare find in a product for spot-prone skin.  These Complexion Cocktails slot into any skincare routine effortlessly and can be used as a daily addition, or as a fixer when skin has lost it’s balance.  They’re £24 each here – link – or you can get the fabulous travel set containing 30ml each of all three for £30 here – link.

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