Completely Update your Eye Brush Wardrobe for £4

I totally blame Fee at Makeup Savvy for instigating my now long-term obsession with finding bargain brush sets on eBay, as they really are a remarkable find.  When I first read Fee’s raves about the brush sets I figured there must be a catch – surely they’re going to be scratchy, poor quality, prone to separating, but no! I can honestly say that the brush sets I’ve picked up have been some of the very best in my vast collection for such a tiny price that it’s quite unbelievable; just look at the variety of textures and densities you get!

The set pictured is my third set of makeup brushes bought from eBay and the collection contains 12 brushes, all of which perform various eye makeup tasks.  One thing I have always been obsessed with is make-up brushes and for everyday use, these cheap and cheery sets are brilliant.  You can definitely get softer brushes with more ergonomic handles and prettier detailing, but if you’re after a great starter set, want to expand your kit to contain brushes that’ll provide a wealth of finishes, or just want to ensure you have plenty of back-ups to your existing kit, you could definitely do far worse than one of these sets.  I will say at this stage that I can’t comment on how well they wash up, and in all probability this might be where they come undone – both literally and figuratively – but when you’re buying a set of 12 eye makeup brushes for a less than a fiver then does it really matter if you have to chuck away one or two after a few washes? The pictured set is the 12 Piece Pro Makeup Brush Set which costs £3.99 here – link.


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