Fountain The Super Green Molecule, The Energy Molecule and The Glow Molecule


Around a month ago I was very aware of how there were certain days where I was getting lots of stuff done – literally from morning to night I was moving, active, achieving – then there were days when I was just sitting around feeling lethargic, dopey and incapable and I couldn’t work out what was going on, then it suddenly hit me that there was a direct correlation between the days I was doing well and the days I was remembering to take the Fountain Molecules.  I could pretty much end the review there, I think!


There are several variants of Fountain Molecules but to give you an overview, they are liquid supplements that each provide a specific function and I believe all of them are housed in a base of (vegan) Hyaluronic Acid.  As I’m still struggling to deal with anaemia and I can’t tolerate most iron supplements, I was most excited to try The Super Green Molecule – in fact I remember being obsessed with this when I saw it in Boots yonks ago – which contains a huge dose of Chlorophyll and Kelp, both of which are ingredients that are packed full of vitamins and minerals and give the liquid it’s alarmingly deep and murky green colour.  If I were reading this post, one of the first things I’d want to know about is taste; it isn’t the yummiest thing I’ve ever tasted, but it’s certainly very palatable and I’m in no hurry to chase away the taste after consumption. It’s £28 here – link.


Even though I think The Super Green Molecule is probably the better all-rounder for everyone, The Energy Molecule is my personal favourite as it very quickly improves my energy levels and is particularly noticeable for me since I’m also low in B12, which is the main ingredient alongside Creatine and of course Hyaluronic Acid.  People can get a bit jittery around the B Vitamins but B12 is water soluble, which means that you can take pretty large doses without fear as your body will take what it needs and expel the rest, so if you’re struggling with energy levels and prone to fatigue, the Energy Molecule will give you a good boost.  It’s £24 here – link.


I haven’t made a start on The Glow Molecule yet as I wanted to give the first two a chance to work, but I also wanted to include it in the feature as I think it’s the sort of supplement that a lot of people will like.  It’s all about beauty and promises to ‘bring out a bright, youthful-looking glow within a week’ which is the sort of statement that would normally bring out the cynic in me, but having tried the other molecules I can’t see why this one wouldn’t work just as well.  The main ingredient is R-Glutathione, which is apparently a powerful antioxidant so pairing this with Hyaluronic Acid makes this sound like it’s likely to be a lovely, glow-giving dream.  It’s £38 here – link.

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