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One thing I’ve become extremely aware of this year is how it’s starting to become quite tricky to justify the expense of luxury make-up; it used to be the case that the expensive brands offered the most winning formulas, the best innovations and the greatest shade ranges, but now, a quick visit to Boots will show you that you can find all of the above (and so much more…) in the more purse-friendly high street brands, with a great example of that being Maybelline.


Maybelline have extended the shade range of three of their foundations to try and ensure that all skin tones are included, from the very dark to the very pale.  The Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation – aimed at normal to dry skin types and priced at £5.99 – has gone from 8 shades to 20.  20! How’s that for a jump? The Dream Satin Liquid Foundation – another for normal to dry types but the formula provides a dewy finish and costs £7.99 – has doubled the shade range from 11 to 22.  Finally, the SuperStay 24hr Longwear Foundation – full coverage for all skin types, £8.99 – now has three more shades bringing the total up to 11.


It really is very impressive that what is essential a budget brand is offering such a comprehensive shade range – you only have to look at some other similarly priced foundations with their “light, medium, dark” options to know that many brands tend to ignore the obvious need for a variety of different shades.  Maybelline have always been at the forefront of taking inspiration from luxury product lines and making more affordable options, but in the last few years we’ve seen a gaggle of brands arrive with very similar promises and intentions.  For me, though, Maybelline will always be a brand I trust for reliably decent products and their foundation shade extensions proves that they’re very much focused on the right things: ignoring novelty and instead looking at what their customers really need.  Find out more about Maybelline foundations here – link.

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