New Launch: Taylor’s 32 Toothpaste Trio


Taylor’s 32 are a new toothpaste brand consisting of three flavours of almost completely natural (the only chemical ingredient is Fluoride) toothpastes designed to whiten teeth and generally improve oral health without the use of anything nasty.  I’ve been working my way through all three over the last couple of weeks and I am surprised to say that there’s definitely a bit of whitening action going on – as a heavy coffee drinker I need all the help I can get – but what I like most about these toothpastes is the texture; it’s slightly rough but still gentle, so you feel like your teeth are getting a good scrub without anything harsh taking away the enamel.


The first flavour is Classic Mint, which is a lovely, gentle take on mint that’s fresh-tasting but without the burn.  This is the most traditional flavoured of the three and is a great everyday choice that’ll give you fresh breath and very clean feeling teeth.


There are two more funky flavours in the Taylor’s 32 collection, the first of which is the Grapefruit & Mint which has a very fruity flavour; I always associate grapefruit with a strong citric taste, but in this toothpaste it’s mostly sweet and fruity.  It’s not for me, personally, as I really covet that ultra clean, minty taste that I think is too far a step away from anything fruity, but that’s just me – if you like a fruity finish then you’ll like this flavour very much.


My favourite of the three is the Fennel & Mint, the combination of which produces a slightly aniseed flavour – a flavour I don’t normally like (Ouzo – bleurgh) but weirdly, it works really well as a toothpaste, making this a particularly good choice if you like that fresh, clean feeling but don’t necessarily like mint; this flavour would’ve proved very handy when I was pregnant and avoiding anything minty.  The Taylor’s 32 toothpastes are definitely worth investigating, especially if you’re taking steps to clean-up your products and reduce the chemicals as these definitely perform as well as any of my favourite, chemical-led toothpastes.  They’re £5 each and available now at either Waitrose, or online here – link.

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