Guest Post: Storage Secrets to Untangle Your Beauty Bits

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Is your beauty collection overrunning the surfaces and drawers of your bedroom or bathroom? Does your makeup collection take up too much space in your suitcase when you’re travelling? Here are some handy tips on how to keep everything, from scent bottles to makeup, organised and easy to find.

Repurpose Common Containers

Getting creative with storage containers commonly used for other things unveils an entire arsenal of handy beauty solutions:

Borrow the spice rack from the kitchen and use it to display cute perfume bottles. Not only do you get the best vision of their beautiful shapes and colours, you save space by having them arranged vertically on the shelf or dressing table. Revolving spice racks or carousels are also ideal organisers for bath beauty products or for easy identification of similar-looking tubes.

Pick up a pencil box or case if you have a collection of liner pencils, mascaras or brushes. They’re available everywhere for not much money, and help keep long, slim beauty items in good condition.

If you’re forever losing makeup brushes, especially those with longer handles, a cute way of keeping them all together is to fill a shallow vase or jar with beads, decorative sand, or even coffee beans, then stab the handles of brushes into the medium. Keeps them upright and readily accessible.

Repurpose a kitchen drawer utensil insert into a makeup separator you can tuck inside a dressing table drawer. Segregate different types of makeup into the different compartments, just as you would separate out different types of cutlery.

Letter racks make good holders of larger eyeshadow or blusher palettes.

Votive candleholders make great containers for cotton buds.

Stow, Don’t Throw

Makeup and other beauty products are expensive, so why throw them away just because you’re not using them anymore? Fashions change, personal tastes go through cycles, and sometimes we wish we’d kept something months after discarding it.

For true beauty collectors, rotating seasonal colours and rediscovering old favourites is part of the pleasure, and self storage can be a godsend. If you think they’re just for people wanting to store furniture, think again, because you can also rent lockers that are ideal for the safekeeping of small, precious, items, whether it’s makeup or jewellery.

Pack up small items that you’re not currently using into plastic storage tubs, clearly labelled, then stack them into self storage spaces and they’ll stay in good condition until you want them again. Just make sure any lids are tightly closed to prevent liquid contents drying up, and check on things like nail polish periodically as it can harden even in well-sealed bottles.

Handy Storage Hacks for When You’re Travelling

Cutting down on weight and space used when travelling is always a good thing. Whether it’s a longer holiday or a weekend break, there’s no need to pack full-sized beauty products:

Little containers such as contact lens holders are ideal for small makeup samples. Transfer small amounts of foundation or moisturiser into the compartments and you have enough for a weekend away.

Pillboxes are handy for earrings, rings, or fine chains. You can even slice some lipstick off the main compact to save space if you like to have several lip colours to choose from.

Another neat way of saving and transporting earrings is to thread the posts through the holes of buttons. Keeps pairs of studs together so you’re less likely to lose one.

Plastic tic-tac containers make great holders for bobby pins.

Protect powder products by inserting a cotton wool ball inside the container for a bit of padding.

It’s hard not to build up a sizeable collection when you love beauty products, but hopefully these tips will help you keep yours organised and in good condition.


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