L’Oreal Pure Clay Foam Wash in Purity, Glow and Detox


A little while ago, L’Oreal launched a trio of Pure Clay masks, each of which provided specific functions depending on your needs.  They’ve now launched matching Pure Clay Foam Washes which is such a great idea – I love the idea of a cleanser that matches the mask, as it’s as if you can use the power-packed mask to do the hard graft, then maintain the benefits with the daily washes.  I’ve been trying out each of the new washes, so here are my thoughts on each of them:


First up is the Pure Clay Glow Scrub which contains red algae alongside very delicate scrubby bits, which actually make this more of a gentle, daily scrub rather than a daily wash.  Personally, I’m not a huge fan of manual exfoliation, especially on a daily basis, but I know a lot of people love it so if you’re a fan, I’d really recommend trying the Glow Scrub as it’s light and gentle, leaving skin feeling smooth and soft without feeling overworked or dry.  It’s usually £5.99, but currently on special at Boots for £3.99 here – link.


The Pure Clay Purity Wash contains three types of clay to deep cleanse and purify, alongside eucalyptus which makes it a tad more zingy than I’d like, but if you don’t have any issues with fragrance then this does a really good job of leaving skin feeling lovely and clean thanks to it’s gel-wash formula.  This is a particularly good one for those who are quite oily, but anyone other than the very dry could use this too.  Again, it’s usually £5.99, but on special at Boots for £3.99 here – link.


My favourite of the trio is the Pure Clay Detox Wash, as it has all the markings of a really deep cleansing wash but as it contains quite a bit of clay, it feels more like a clay-gel so you don’t feel like you’re washing away all the good oils alongside the bad.  The only downside is that it breaks down into quite a runny, black liquid, so if you’re not careful then you can end up with quite a mess, but that’s easy to avoid.  It’s £3.99 here – link – but usually £5.99.

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