Bioderma Sebium Global Cover


Isn’t it funny how just a few years ago, Bioderma was virtually unknown over here, and those who did know of it referred to it’s cult micellar solution as Bioderma, rather than acknowledging that as the brand name…yet just a few years later, their humongous range of skincare is fabulously accessible – even the local, independent chemist where I recently moved from has a Bioderma stand.  What I really love about Bioderma is their innovation and willingness to acknowledge the trickiness around acne-prone skin; where a lot of brands throw all the harsh ingredients under the sun at their spot-killing range, Bioderma have the balance just right, using ingredients that work alongside products that will hydrate and sooth.  The Bioderma Sebium Global Cover is the newest kid on the block joining the successful Sebium range.


The Bioderma Sebium Global Cover is a fantastically designed product that covers all the annoying elements of spots; it’s a treatment product – so the ingredients are designed to treat spots – housed in a high coverage base that will cover up whilst treating, and to top it all off, you also have a pot of colour correcting green pigment in the lid.  Come on, is that not brilliant? As genius as it is ridiculous, it’s only available in one shade, and this one shade is pretty dark – I’d say it’s a good solid medium, and as it’s a high coverage product, there’s no chance of it blending in to any skin tone other than one that is an exact match, so if you’re lucky enough to be that match, then this could be an amazing product for you.  Obviously I haven’t tried it as I’m about 6 shades too pale for it, but I really, really hope that they’ll add some other shades to the collection soon.


The formulation contains some of my favourite spot-fighting ingredients, starting with salicylic acid – everyone who ever gets spots needs this in their kit – and zinc gluconate, an ingredient that is wonderful for soothing inflammation whilst gently treating spots.  I really, really love the whole concept of this product and I think it’s obviously been thought up by someone who knows the needs of those of us with spot-prone skin, it’s just so strange that it’s only available in one colour.  As you can see from the swatches, it’s a pretty limiting shade and most people won’t be able to wear it, so I cross my fingers that the shade range is extended soon.  I would definitely recommend heading to Boots and swatching this first to see if it’s a match, but if you just can’t wait to get your hands on it, it’s available now for £14.50 from Feel Unique here – link.

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