Birchbox May 2017


Birchbox have had some great boxes this year so far, so it was inevitable that they were going to hit a bit of a dud, and unfortunately, I think the Birchbox May 2017 is it.  It’s a perfectly fine collection of five products, with a couple of bits that I’m definitely looking forward to try, but there isn’t anything I’m overly excited about.  I really like the marble effect box though!


The five products include one full-sized make-up bit, then a good variety of a couple of other make-up products, a hair product and a body product.  Even though the sizing isn’t too bad and there’s the aforementioned full-sized item, the products just look very small – I think I’m so used to a box being jam-packed, whereas these five bits just about filled half the box.


I’m never one to say no to a new mascara, so I’m happy to try the Punk Volumizer Mascara, especially since it’s awesomely named.  I think mascaras are one of the few products where a sample size is actually better than a full-sized item, as there are few mascaras better than a new mascara, and it’s quite tricky to use up a whole, full-sized mascara before it’s started to dry out.  The Hero Project Double Blur is another product I’m looking forward to try – I really like The Hero Project (currently working my way through their new hand cream at a rapid rate) and I really like primers, so it’s win-win.  I’m not normally one to get especially excited about a hair mask, but the Kueshi Hair Mask Shine & Volume sounds like it might suit my hair perfectly; basically, put the word ‘volume’ or ‘texture’ on a product and I’ll happily line up to try it.


Apologies for the rubbish, out of focus picture above! The full-sized item is the Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow, of which you’ll either get a gunmetal grey shade called Fifty Shades, or, like me, an off white called Vanilla Frosting.  This is low on my list because I’m not a big fan of the messiness that is a loose powder eyeshadow, however, if it’s a gorgeous shade then I might be inclined to make the effort, but off white will never get used – maybe it’ll work as a highlighter if you’re determined to put it to use, but there are definitely easier ways.  The final product is the Whish Firming Body Cream; I just find the inclusion of body creams in beauty boxes really annoying as they’re so dull! If you’re of body cream fan then this sounds nice enough, plus it appears to be a luxury product too.  Find out more about Birchbox here – link.

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