Fragrance Friday: Baobab Madagascan Vanilla Room Spray


As I write this, my lovely living room is filled with the rich and creamy aroma of pure Madagascan Vanilla, courtesy of the rather lovely Baobab Madagascan Vanilla Room Spray.  Frustratingly, I can’t find much info about this particular fragrance, but even more frustratingly, I’ve been on the Baobab site and found myself confronted with pretty much all my favourite fragrances, with jasmine and leather both making me want to just hand over my credit card and be done with it.  I thought I’d include this in a Fragrance Friday feature, even though Fragrance Friday usually focuses on perfume – this is a home fragrance but it still counts!

The Baobab Madagascan Vanilla Room Spray is extremely potent, so one quick spray (literally one pump) fills the room for a couple of days of solid fragrance, whilst also removing the scent of my cat’s breath and my son’s bum.  The vanilla is such a beautifully real vanilla too; sweet but not sickly, warm but not overpowering and pretty but also fairly neutral.  The packaging is quite different to mine, but I believe this is basically the same bottle just with different packaging here – link – where it’s priced at £28…which would be a lot more helpful if you could actually buy it there, but it doesn’t appear that you can – how confusing! The Baobab fragrance sprays are relatively available, but for some reason I can’t find an exact link for the vanilla one.  If you fancy checking some of the other more unusual sounding fragrance sprays (that can apparently be used on the body too) then check them out here – link.

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