Fragrance Friday: The Merchant of Venice Rosa Moceniga


I’ve had a rubbish few weeks.  It’s so strange how something so simple, such as a beautiful fragrance that really speaks to you, can have such a positive impact, but I had to have a scary medical test this week and applying this beautiful perfume to wear during the experience made me feel like I was just a little bit more in control of the situation…of course it’s inaccurate, but whatever helps! The Rosa Moceniga fragrance by The Merchant of Venice is part of the Murano Collection, and every little detail, from the packaging to the fragrance itself, is fine and beautiful.


As you can see, the presentation is just stunning; I’ve been saying for a while that it would be really nice to find a fragrance that looked as glamorous as the scent it housed, which could not be more accurate; Rosa Moceniga comes in a vase-shaped bottle covered in roses that exudes old-school glamour – it’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see in old pictures of 1950’s Hollywood starlets sitting at their dressing table and every bit of the packaging is perfection, from the outer box with the attached map insert, to the satin lined inner pillow where the bottle sits – would this not make the most beautiful, statement gift?


It’s available as 50 or 100ml (pictured is the 50ml) and the notes are Mocenigo Rose (of course!), Sicilian Lime and blackcurrant at the top, Rose Absolute, Magnolia and Pink Lotus flower at the heart and cedar wood, vanilla absolute and amber crystal at the base, so citric and floral top notes, purely floral heart notes and musky, spicy base notes.  These sort of fragrance notes are really common in perfumes I like as they work so well together.  I’ve actually become a real convert to rose-led fragrances recently.


The Merchant of Venice Rosa Moceniga perfume is light and feminine and works really well for the warmer months as there’s nothing too dense or earthy to give it guts, so instead you have something that feels perfect for the Summer.  I have to give a quick mention of credit to the perfume spray itself, which is so light and airy – it’s almost like a face mist! It’s very much in-keeping with the whole vibe of this incredibly pretty scent.  You can find out more about it here – link – although I’d think twice before clicking through as on that page you can see the full Murano Collection and oh my goodness, those bottle designs are just glorious – I sense an addiction starting which is not a good thing for my bank balance! Prices start at £80 for the 50ml bottle here – link.

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